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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3706 KJV: vision, in sight, look upon    NAS: vision, visions, appearance    HCS: vision, visions, looked, that looked
hórasis hor'-as-is
3707 KJV: visible    NAS: visible    HCS: visible
horatós hor-at-os'
3709 KJV: anger, indignation, wrath, vengeance    NAS: anger, wrath    HCS: fierce, of wrath, under wrath, anger, the following: anger, wrath
orgḗ or-gay'
3710 KJV: be angry, be wroth    NAS: enraged, angry, moved with anger    HCS: he became angry, in anger, Be angry, were angry, was enraged, who is angry, was furious, got angry
orgízō or-gid'-zo
3711 KJV: soon angry    NAS: quick-tempered    HCS: hot-tempered
orgílos org-ee'-los
3712 KJV: fathom    NAS: fathoms    HCS: it to be 120 feet, it to be 90 feet
orguiá org-wee-ah'
3713 KJV: covet after, desire    NAS: aspires, desire, longing    HCS: desire, and by craving, aspires
orégomai or-eg'-om-ahee
3714 KJV: hill    NAS: hill country    HCS: hill country
oreinós or-i-nos'
3715 KJV: lust    NAS: desire    HCS: lust
órexis or'-ex-is
3716 KJV: walk uprightly    NAS: straightforward
orthopodéō or-thop-od-eh'-o
3717 KJV: straight, upright    NAS: straight, upright    HCS: straight, upright
orthós or-thos'
3718 KJV: rightly divide    NAS: accurately handling    HCS: correctly teaching
orthotoméō or-thot-om-eh'-o
3719 KJV: come early in the morning    NAS: get early in the morning    HCS: would come early in the morning
orthrízō or-thrid'-zo
3720 KJV: morning    NAS: early in the morning
orthrinós or-thrin-os'
3721 KJV: early    HCS: early
órthrios or'-three-os
3722 KJV: early in the morning    NAS: early dawn, daybreak, early in the morning    HCS: At dawn, very early in the morning, daybreak
órthros or'-thros
3723 KJV: rightly, plain, right    NAS: correctly, plainly    HCS: correctly, clearly
orthōs or-thoce'
3724 KJV: declare, ordain, limit, determine, as it was determined + (2596 + (3588)    NAS: declared, appointed, determined, fixes, predetermined    HCS: determined, has been determined, He specifies, He has appointed, One appointed, and has determined, has been declared
horízō hor-id'-zo
3725 KJV: coast, border    NAS: district, region, vicinity    HCS: district, the region, region, *
hórion hor'-ee-on
3727 KJV: oath    NAS: oath, vows, oaths    HCS: an oath, the oath, oath, oaths, it with an oath
hórkos hor'-kos, her'-kos
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