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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3728 KJV: oath    NAS: oath    HCS: an oath, oath
horkōmosía hor-ko-mos-ee'-ah
3729 KJV: run violently, run, rush    NAS: rushed    HCS: they rushed, rushed
hormáō hor-mah'-o
3730 KJV: not tr, assault    NAS: attempt, inclination    HCS: an attempt, will
hormḗ hor-may'
3731 KJV: violence    NAS: violence    HCS: violently
hórmēma hor'-may-mah
3732 KJV: fowl, bird    NAS: birds, bird    HCS: birds, bird
órneon or'-neh-on
3733 KJV: hen    NAS: hen    HCS: a hen
órnis or'-nis
3734 KJV: bound    NAS: boundaries    HCS: boundaries
horothesía hor-oth-es-ee'-ah
3735 KJV: hill, mountain, mount    NAS: hill, mount, mountain, mountains, Mount    HCS: hill, a mountain, on mountains, mount, the mountains, a hill, to Mount, mountain, mountains, of Mount, hillside, Mount
óros or'-os
3736 KJV: dig    NAS: dug    HCS: dug out, dug
orýssō or-oos'-so
3737 KJV: comfortless, fatherless    NAS: orphans    HCS: orphans, as orphans
orphanós or-fan-os'
3738 KJV: dance    NAS: dance, danced    HCS: danced, dance
orchéomai or-kheh'-om-ahee
3739 KJV: what, which, whose, that, that which, who, misc, whom, whereof    NAS: these, which, another, since, third, others, whatever, who, whomever, whom, this, once, so, what, one, other, such, some, those whom, whose, same, someone, this is what, deeds, when, whoever, these things, any, where, there, until, while, just, things, why, thing, because    HCS:
hós hos, hay, ho
3740 KJV: as oft as + (302), as often as + (302), as often as + (1437)    NAS: often    HCS: whenever, as
hosákis hos-ak'-is
3741 KJV: holy, Holy One, mercies, shall be    NAS: Holy One, devout, holy    HCS: Holy, holy, are holy, covenant blessings, need: holy
hósios hos'-ee-os
3742 KJV: holiness    NAS: holiness    HCS: holiness, purity
hosiótēs hos-ee-ot'-ace
3743 KJV: holily    NAS: devoutly    HCS: devoutly
hosíōs hos-ee'-oce
3744 KJV: odour, savour    NAS: aroma, fragrance, sweet aroma    HCS: a fragrant offering, fragrant, fragrance, we are an aroma, aroma, an aroma
osmḗ os-may'
3745 KJV: what, as long as, that, whatsoever + (302), as many as, how great things, misc, whatsoever things, whatsoever    NAS: how much, which, very...while, whatever, many, who, inasmuch, extent, so, what, all...who, all things, those whom, degree, those who, what great things, all, long, great, much, while, so much, all who, more    HCS: everyone who, how much, just as, to that degree, that, whatever, As many as, who, all those who, Those who, for all, anything, partisans, everything, What, those who, *, about everything, all, every one of, All those who, all that, whoever, Whatever, As much as, in all, to all, all those, As long as, All who, while, as, all who, All, So all, everyone, are the same
hósos hos'-os
3746 KJV: whomsoever
hósper hos'-per
3747 KJV: bone    NAS: bone, bones    HCS: bones, s bones
ostéon os-teh'-on, os-toon'
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