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Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3748 KJV: which, that, whosoever, whosoever + (302), whatsoever + (302), whatsoever + (3956 + (302), who, misc    NAS: everyone who, whoever, these...matters which, these, what, ones who, which, yet, whatever things, after, who, one who, because, this    HCS: since they, After they, can we who, and they, which, that, This, You who, who, When these, He, the ones who, after time, which, people who, if anyone, Whoever, These, is who, and that, room, which, they, which, offerings (which, those who, She, women who, They, whoever, it was that, mdash; this, Although they, The one who, You
hóstis hos'-tis, hay'-tis, hot'-ee
3749 KJV: earthen, of earth    NAS: earthen, earthenware    HCS: clay
ostrákinos os-tra'-kin-os
3750 KJV: smelling    NAS: sense of smell    HCS: sense of smell
ósphrēsis os'-fray-sis
3751 KJV: loins    NAS: loins, descendants, descended, waist    HCS: *, waist
osphŷs os-foos'
3752 KJV: when, as long as, whensoever, that, as soon as, till + (1508), while    NAS: when, whenever, after, while, until, soon    HCS:
hótan hot'-an
3753 KJV: when, after that, that, as soon as, after, while    NAS: when, after, while, soon    HCS: things. When, When, and when, things when, While, after, when, while
hóte hot'-eh, ho,t'-eh, hay'-the, tot'-eh
3754 KJV: how that, how, for, that, misc, because    NAS: so, what, since, how, saying, fact, then, because, though    HCS:
hóti hot'-ee
3755 KJV: not tr
hótou hot'-oo
3756 KJV: no, not, misc, cannot + (1410)    NAS: unworthy, cannot, no, certainly, any the less, incessantly, few, before, virgin, only, refused, kept right, rather, impossible, none, ever, number, unable, rather than, failed, all, refrain, never, nor, unwilling, long, great, except, neither, nowhere, than, without, unaware, greatly, nothing, kept...a virgin    HCS:
ou oo
3757 KJV: when, till, whither, where, wherein, whithersoever + (1437)    NAS: which, wherever, where, there    HCS: There, the place where, wherever, where
hoû hoo
3758 KJV: ah    NAS: Ha    HCS: Ha
ouá oo-ah'
3759 KJV: alas, woe    NAS: woes, woe    HCS: Woe, woe, more woes
ouaí oo-ah'ee
3760 KJV: not    NAS: no means    HCS: by no means
oudamōs oo-dam-oce'
3761 KJV: not so much as, not tr, not, then not, nor, misc, no not, neither    NAS: cannot, no, or, even, all, nor, neither, either, then, nothing    HCS: don't, cannot, it is unable, no, not, and without, Or, who did not, t even, to do even, or, t you read, not even, doesn't, and no, He did not, they did not even, and there was no, I did not, and, plant, or, and nothing, Don't, is not even, is not, even, they will not, *, we did not, Does not even, no one, and you don't, No, Neither, I didn't, nor, He wouldn't, neither, mdash; neither, take nothing, there is no, re not, they will no, either, will not, has not, did not, they cannot, Haven't, mdash; even, And no
oudé oo-deh'
3762 KJV: none, neither any man, any man, no, any, man, no man, misc, nothing    NAS: cannot, useless, no, nobody, no such thing, anything, one, nothing nothing, none, all, never, no one, worthless, anyone, nothing at all, no respect, any, no...anything, no man, nothing, no one's    HCS: is nothing, no, not, you will not accept any, nobody, for anyone, makes no, he differs in no way, amounts to nothing, None, He didn't, He made no, You have not, Still, nobody, anything, I have done no, No one, one, that no one, Don't, none, Not a thing, to anyone, not using any, *, anyone's, to put anyone, never, no one, of any, of anything, does not matter, No, I am not in any way, of no, anyone, there is no, all have meaning, nowhere, any, no one, will not, did not, Nothing, Has no one, nothing, not one
oudeís oo-dice'
3763 KJV: neither at any time, never, nothing at any time + (3856)    NAS: nothing...ever, ever, never, nothing    HCS: will never, had never, Have you never, ever, never, We have never, has ever, I never, I have never, you never
oudépote oo-dep'-ot-eh
3764 KJV: never yet, as yet not, nothing yet, not yet, never before    NAS: yet    HCS: had not yet, yet, they still did not, not yet
oudépō oo-dep'-o
3765 KJV: any more, no more, now not, misc    NAS: another, no, never...again, further, again, anymore, any more, no longer, any longer, then, more    HCS: we no longer, longer, you will no longer, am no longer, she no longer, that I did not, you are no longer, there is no longer, they no longer, still did not, it is no longer, again, there no longer, ceases, I will no longer, We no longer, they were unable, anymore, There will no longer, then it is not, no longer, any longer, you no longer
oukéti ook-et'-ee
3766 KJV: then    NAS: so    HCS: then
oukoûn ook-oon'
3767 KJV: so, not tr, therefore, now, then, wherefore, misc, but, and    NAS: so then, so, contrary, so...then, therefore, now, then, however    HCS: attention, then, So, He then, you, then, you then, At this, At that, 'So, so, So then, Consequently, For this reason, Then, Do we then, and, Let us then, However, So, therefore, *, there; so, But, Now, And, Therefore, Peter then, then, In fact, as a result, is it then
oûn oon
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