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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4988 KJV: Sosthenes    NAS: Sosthenes    HCS: Sosthenes
Sōsthénēs soce-then'-ace
4989 KJV: Sosipater    NAS: Sosipater    HCS: Sosipater
Sōsípatros so-sip'-at-ros
4990 KJV: Saviour    NAS: Savior    HCS: a Savior, Savior, the Savior, is the Savior, for a Savior
sōtḗr so-tare'
4991 KJV: the (one) be saved, that (one) be saved + (1519), salvation, saving, deliver + (1325), health    NAS: salvation, preservation, deliverance    HCS: salvation, their salvation, deliver, deliverance, in salvation, Salvation, of salvation, the salvation, a salvation, things connected with salvation, survival, as an opportunity for salvation, your salvation
sōtēría so-tay-ree'-ah
4992 KJV: that brings salvation, salvation    NAS: salvation, bringing salvation    HCS: with salvation, salvation, of salvation, saving work
sōtḗrion so-tay'-ree-on
4993 KJV: be sober minded, soberly, be in right mind, be sober    NAS: sensible, sound judgment, right mind, sound mind, have sound judgment    HCS: in his right mind, we have a sound mind, *, to be self-controlled, be serious
sōphronéō so-fron-eh'-o
4994 KJV: teach to be sober    NAS: encourage    HCS: they may encourage
sōphronízō so-fron-id'-zo
4995 KJV: sound mind    NAS: discipline    HCS: sound judgment
sōphronismós so-fron-is-mos'
4996 KJV: soberly    NAS: sensibly    HCS: way
sōphrónōs so-fron'-oce
4997 KJV: sobriety, soberness    NAS: discreetly, self-restraint, sober    HCS: good judgment, good sense
sōphrosýnē so-fros-oo'-nay
4998 KJV: temperate, discreet, sober    NAS: sensible, prudent    HCS: sensible, to be self-controlled
sṓphrōn so'-frone
5209 KJV: not tr, you, for your sakes + (1223), ye, misc    HCS: send you, sending you, to you, you, He made you, I sent you, your own, people you, that you, They will ban you, they hand you, serving you, for you, for your, will consider you, of you, preaches to you, sets you, became your, will He do for you, They will hand you, cause you, it to you, in your, ourselves proclaim to you, they will hand you, when you, I took you, your, tear you, will make you, invites you, to wake you, to protect you, I have promised you, about you, gives you, over you, and you, will give you, takes you, though you, I will make you, m sending you, will set you, of your own, will hand you, sends you, You, I gave you, want to see you
hymâs hoo-mas'
5210 KJV: not tr, you, ye, ye yourselves    HCS: Are you, you, Him yourselves, is what you, that you, one you, of you, do you, since you, But you, t you, by yourselves, 'You, for yourselves, have you, way you, can you, yourselves, as for you, but you, When you, You, You're, none of you, mdash; you
hymeîs hoo-mice'
5213 KJV: not tr, you, ye, your, misc    HCS: to you, prisoner to you, you, in you, to an opportunity for you, I want you, is your, that you, did you, for you, it is for you, of you, what you, do you, it is to your, it to you, yours, I tell you, them to you, for yourselves, with you, things to you, your, things for you, by you, We want you, I have told you, Make your, we told you, will trust you, *, I proclaim to you, we conducted ourselves with you, on you, It is for your, any of you, yourselves, should preach to you, by telling you, will come to you, You, as a witness against you, that to you, as you
hymîn hoo-min'
5216 KJV: yours, you, ye, your, misc, not tr.    HCS: to you, you, benefits from you, is your, you have, she may require your, for you, for your, to your, of you, what your, news of your, yours, from your, in your, you for your, Him in your, of your, when you, Here is your, may your, let your, your, will your, with your, have your, given through your, who is your, building you, as your, Your, mdash; your, of yours, well as your, bring your, hardness of your, did your, as you, Let your, your own, that you, does your, Which of you, at your, of yourselves, is yours, among you, about your, that your, one of you, this is your, slander your, that as your, The report of your, that when you, of it, all of you, *, by your, is it your, when you've, yourselves, while you, to receive benefits from you, and your, on your, tearing you, When you, objects of your
hymōn hoo-mone'
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