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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1476 KJV: steadfast, settled    NAS: firm, steadfast    HCS: firm, steadfast
hedraîos hed-rah'-yos
1477 KJV: ground    NAS: support    HCS: foundation
hedraíōma hed-rah'-yo-mah
1478 KJV: Ezekias    NAS: Hezekiah    HCS: Hezekiah
Ezekías ed-zek-ee'-as
1479 KJV: will worship    NAS: self-made religion    HCS: promoting ascetic practices
ethelothrēskeía eth-el-oth-race-ki'-ah
1480 KJV: custom    NAS: custom    HCS: what was customary
ethízō eth-id'-zo
1481 KJV: governor    NAS: ethnarch    HCS: governor
ethnárchēs eth-nar'-khace
1482 KJV: heathen, heathen man    NAS: Gentiles, Gentile    HCS: idolaters, Gentiles, pagans, an unbeliever
ethnikós eth-nee-kos'
1483 KJV: after the manner of Gentiles    NAS: like the Gentiles    HCS: like a Gentile
ethnikōs eth-nee-koce'
1484 KJV: nation, people, Gentiles, heathen    NAS: nation, people, Gentiles, pagans, nations    HCS: leading to other nations, nation, Nations, of the Gentiles, to a nation, for Gentiles, you Gentiles, Gentile, own nation, the nations, The nations, a nation, idolaters, to the Gentiles, were Gentiles, among nations, pagans, the Gentiles, people, Gentiles, Nation, for the Gentiles, nations, so that Gentiles, our nation, nationality, did the Gentiles
éthnos eth'-nos
1485 KJV: custom, be wont, manner    NAS: customs, custom, habit    HCS: customs, custom, habitually, in our customs, usual
éthos eth'-os
1486 KJV: - as his custom was + (2596 + (3588), as his manner was + (2596 + (3588), be wont    NAS: custom, accustomed    HCS: He usually did, custom, usual
éthō eth'-o
1487 KJV: not tr, misc, whether, that, if    NAS: whoever, although, only, no, whatever, unless, if, until, whether, suppose, though    HCS:
ei i
1488 KJV: thou art, be    HCS: you're, it's, *, are, is, you are, Are, You are, Where are, mdash; are, you are, You're
1489 KJV: if yet, if so be that, if    NAS: inasmuch
eíge i'-gheh
1490 KJV: if not, otherwise, or else, else, if otherwise
ei dè mḗ(ge)
1491 KJV: sight, fashion, shape, appearance    NAS: sight, form, appearance    HCS: form, appearance, kind, sight
eîdos i'-dos
1493 KJV: idol's temple    NAS: idol's temple    HCS: s temple
eidōleîon i-do-li'-on
1494 KJV: things offered unto idols, things sacrificed unto idols, meats offered to idols, things offered in sacrifice to idols    NAS: sacrificed to idols, sacrificed to an idol, thing sacrificed to idols, things sacrificed, things sacrificed to idols, thing sacrificed    HCS: food offered to an idol, meat sacrificed to idols, from food offered to idols, food offered to idols, food sacrificed to idols
eidōlóthyton i-do-loth'-oo-ton
1495 KJV: idolatry    NAS: idolatry, idolatries    HCS: idolatry
eidōlolatreía i-do-lol-at-ri'-ah
1496 KJV: idolater    NAS: idolater, idolaters    HCS: idolaters, an idolater
eidōlolátrēs i-do-lol-at'-race
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