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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4559 KJV: carnal, fleshly    NAS: fleshly, material things, flesh    HCS: worldly, *, from fleshly, fleshly, material
sarkikós sar-kee-kos'
4560 KJV: fleshly    NAS: human, men of flesh, physical, flesh    HCS: concerning physical, of flesh, people of the flesh, made out of flesh
sárkinos sar'-kee-nos
4561 KJV: carnal, carnally minded + (5427), fleshly, flesh    NAS: nation, bodily condition, mankind, fellow countrymen, earthly, flesh, bodily, body, earth, man, personally, fleshly, life    HCS: human, They are physical, with anyone, natural, with my flesh, in the fleshly, the body, in body, in the flesh, the impulse of the flesh, life, from a human, the flesh, a physical, the flesh, human being, of the flesh, their flesh, people, one, own people, fleshly, by the flesh, physical descent, of our flesh, a purely human, of flesh, *, your human, flesh, by physical descent, physical, have flesh, unspiritual, Flesh, in an unspiritual, physical condition, humanity, own flesh, in a purely human, an unspiritual way
sárx sarx
4562 KJV: Saruch    HCS: son of Serug
Saroúch sar-ooch'
4563 KJV: sweep    NAS: swept, sweep    HCS: the house swept, swept, sweep
saróō sar-o'-o
4564 KJV: Sarah, Sara    NAS: Sarah, Sarah's    HCS: of Sarah's, Sarah
Sárrha sar'-hrah
4566 KJV: Satan
Satân sat-an'
4567 KJV: Satan    NAS: Satan, Satan's    HCS: to Satan, Satan, of Satan, has Satan, Satan's
Satanâs sat-an-as'
4568 KJV: measure    NAS: pecks    HCS: pounds
sáton sat'-on
4569 KJV: Saul    NAS: Saul    HCS: for Saul, to Saul, and Saul, Saul
Saûlos sow'-los
4571 KJV: thee, not tr, thou, thy house    HCS: send you, has made you, you, I have become Your, sustains you, that you, hem you, m doing you, for you, of you, since you, causes you, are hemming You, they will carry you, I place You, causes your, They will crush you, your, gives you, on you, I raised you, to give you, makes you, both of you, will hand you, have become Your, has set you, might invite you, hand you, I will put you, You, to You, handed You
4572 KJV: thee, thine own self, thy, thyself, thou thyself    NAS: own conviction, own self, yourself    HCS: your own self, make your, you, yourself, your own, that you, you would tie your, in Your, for yourself, for yourselves, your, do You, Yourself
seautoû seh-ow-too', she-ow-to', she-ow-ton', sow-too', sow-to', sow-ton'
4573 KJV: worship    NAS: worshiped    HCS: worshiped
sebázomai seb-ad'-zom-ahee
4574 KJV: that is worshipped, devotion    NAS: object of worship, objects of...worship    HCS: object of worship, worship
sébasma seb'-as-mah
4575 KJV: Augustus    NAS: Augustan, Emperor, Emperor's    HCS: of the Imperial, Emperor
sebastós seb-as-tos'
4576 KJV: worship, religious, devout    NAS: worship, devout, worshiper, God-fearing    HCS: devout, a worshiper, They worship, adore, who worshiped, to worship, God-fearing
sébomai seb'-om-ahee
4577 KJV: chain    HCS: in chains
seirá si-rah'
4578 KJV: earthquake, tempest    NAS: earthquakes, storm, earthquake    HCS: storm, earthquakes, was the quake, earthquake, an earthquake
seismós sice-mos'
4579 KJV: shake, move, quake    NAS: shaken, shake, stirred, shook    HCS: quaked, was shaken, were so shaken, will shake, when shaken
seíō si'-o
4580 KJV: Secundus    NAS: Secundus    HCS: Secundus
Sekoûndos sek-oon'-dos
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