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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4581 KJV: Seleucia    NAS: Seleucia    HCS: Seleucia
Seleúkeia sel-yook'-i-ah
4582 KJV: moon    NAS: moon    HCS: moon, of the moon
selḗnē sel-ay'-nay
4583 KJV: be lunatick    NAS: epileptics, lunatic    HCS: he has seizures, the epileptics
selēniázomai sel-ay-nee-ad'-zom-ahee
4584 KJV: Semei    NAS: Semein    HCS: son of Semein
Semeḯ sem-eh-ee'
4585 KJV: fine flour    NAS: fine flour    HCS: fine wheat flour
semídalis sem-id'-al-is
4586 KJV: grave, honest    NAS: men of dignity, dignified, honorable    HCS: must be worthy of respect, worthy of respect, is honorable, should be worthy of respect
semnós sem-nos'
4587 KJV: honesty, gravity    NAS: dignified, dignity    HCS: and dignity, dignity
semnótēs sem-not'-ace
4588 KJV: Sergius (Paulus)    NAS: Sergius    HCS: Sergius
Sérgios serg'-ee-os
4589 KJV: Seth    NAS: Seth    HCS: son of Seth
Sḗth sayth
4590 KJV: Sem    NAS: Shem    HCS: son of Shem
Sḗm same
4591 KJV: signify    NAS: communicated, signifying, indicate    HCS: and predicted, signifying, to indicate, signified, to signify
sēmaínō say-mah'ee-no
4592 KJV: miracle, wonder, token, sign    NAS: signs, miracle, distinguishing mark, sign    HCS: for signs, that signs, signs, the signs, by signs, the sign, miracle, to be a sign, a sign, not only signs, sign, of miraculous signs
sēmeîon say-mi'-on
4593 KJV: note    NAS: take special note    HCS: take note
sēmeióō say-mi-o'-o
4594 KJV: this day, to day, this + (3588)    NAS: this day, today, very, last night, this very, this, today's    HCS: happened today, *, things today, that today, this day, today, Today, mdash; today, day
sḗmeron say'-mer-on
4595 KJV: be corrupted    NAS: rotted    HCS: is ruined
sḗpō say'-po
4596 KJV: silk    NAS: silk    HCS: silk
sērikós say-ree-kos'
4597 KJV: moth    NAS: moth    HCS: moth
sḗs sace
4598 KJV: motheaten    NAS: moth-eaten    HCS: moth-eaten
sētóbrōtos say-tob'-ro-tos
4599 KJV: strengthen    NAS: strengthen    HCS: strengthen
sthenóō sthen-o'-o
4600 KJV: cheek    NAS: cheek    HCS: cheek
siagṓn see-ag-one'
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