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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4984 KJV: exalted
mithnaśśê' mith-nas-say'
4994 KJV: go to, I beseech..., I pray..., now, Oh    NAS: implore, come, beg, Oh may, pray, may, Ah, please, Oh, O may, now, beseech, O    HCS:
nâ' naw
4995 KJV: raw    NAS: raw    HCS: raw
nâ' naw
4996 KJV: No    NAS: Thebes, No-amon    HCS: Thebes, of Thebes
nô' no
4997 KJV: bottle    NAS: bottle, wineskins, jug, wineskin    HCS: a container, a wineskin, bottle, wineskins, a skin
nô'd, nô'd, nô'dâh node, node, no-daw'
4998 KJV: comely, becometh, beautiful    NAS: befits, lovely    HCS: are beautiful, beautiful, is the beauty
nâ'âh naw-aw'
4999 KJV: houses, pastures, places, habitations    NAS: pastures, pasture grounds, habitations    HCS: pastures, grazing land, the dwellings, pasturelands, and the grazing lands, the home, She who stays, the pastures
nâ'âh naw-aw'
5000 KJV: comely, becometh, seemly    NAS: becoming, lovely, comely, fitting    HCS: appropriate, and lovely, is beautiful, is lovely, song3>lovely, Though she is beautiful, *, lovely
nâ'veh naw-veh'
5001 KJV: say    NAS: declare    HCS: to make a declaration
nâ'am naw-am'
5002 KJV: saith, spake, said    NAS: speaks, declared, says, declares, oracle    HCS: This is the declaration, This is the declaration, says, declaration, says, the declaration, the declaration, the oracle, declares, The declaration, this is the declaration, this is the declaration, *, oration, The oracle, A declaration, An oracle
ne'ûm nah-oom'
5003 KJV: women that break wedlock, adulterer, adulteress, adultery, adulterous    NAS: adulterous, adulteresses, committed adultery, commit adultery, adultery, adulterers, adulterer, commits adultery, adulteries, committing of adultery, adulteress    HCS: they committed adultery, commit adultery, had committed adultery, adultery, they commit adultery, adulterers, They commit adultery, adulterer, commits adultery, The one who commits adultery, You adulterous, they have committed adultery, by committing adultery, are adulteresses, of an adulterer, The adulterer's, *, the way adulteresses, committed adultery, adulteress, is an adulteress
nâ'aph naw-af'
5004 KJV: adulteries    NAS: adulteries    HCS: by adultery, adulteries
ni'ûph nee-oof'
5005 KJV: adulteries    NAS: adultery    HCS: adultery
na'ăphûph nah-af-oof'
5006 KJV: provoke, flourish, great occasion to blaspheme, abhor, contemn, blaspheme, despise    NAS: despised, rejects, blaspheme, given, spurn, spurns, despise, spurned, blasphemed    HCS: person despised, have despised, despises, He despised, despising, and rejected, with such contempt, are treated with contempt, despised, who reviled, they have despised, with contempt, despise, He has despised, *, insult, has insulted, of those who have despised, and despises, those who despise, blasphemed
nâ'ats naw-ats'
5007 KJV: provocation, blasphemy    NAS: blasphemies, revilings, rejection    HCS: blasphemies, the blasphemies, disgrace
ne'âtsâh, ne'âtsâh neh-aw-tsaw', neh-aw-tsaw'
5008 KJV: groan    NAS: groan    HCS: he will groan, groan
nâ'aq naw-ak'
5009 KJV: groaning    NAS: groanings, groaning    HCS: groaned, the groaning, groaning, *
ne'âqâh neh-aw-kaw'
5010 KJV: abhorred, made void    NAS: spurned, abandoned    HCS: You have repudiated, repudiated
nâ'ar naw-ar'
5011 KJV: Nob    NAS: Nob    HCS: Nob
nôb nobe
5012 KJV: prophesy, prophesying, prophet    NAS: prophesying, prophesies, prophesied, prophesy, raved    HCS: who prophesy, began prophesying, who acts like a prophet, you will prophesy, you have prophesied, are prophesying, he has prophesied, ever prophesy, They are prophesying, give your prophecies, will prophesy, him prophesy, I prophesied, ones prophesying, you are to prophesy, he began to rave, those who prophesy, They prophesied, who were to prophesy, prophesies, started prophesying, who prophesied, who has been acting like a prophet, he prophesied, they prophesied, were prophesying, was prophesying, prophesied, prophesy, prophesying, Prophesy, dare you prophesy, He prophesied, Shemaiah prophesied, who are prophesying, you prophesied, they kept on raving
nâbâ' naw-baw'
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