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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2888 KJV: Tabbath    NAS: Tabbath    HCS: Tabbath
ṭabbath tab-bath'
2889 KJV: fair, pure, variant, purer, clean    NAS: pure, who is clean, unclean, purity, clean    HCS: a ceremonially clean, ceremonially clean, any ceremonially clean, a pure, with pure, is clean, something pure, *, that is pure, a clean, is ceremonially clean, the pure, who are clean, must be of pure, are too pure, of clean, out of pure, pure, is pure, of pure, are clean, surface with pure, anyone who is clean, piece of pure, are pure, clean, one who is clean, the clean, who is clean, were ceremonially clean
ṭâhôr, ṭâhôr haw-hore', taw-hore'
2890 KJV: pureness, clean
ṭehôr teh-hore'
2891 KJV: pure, purify, purifier, purge, clean    NAS: remain, becomes clean, pronounce the clean, purged, unclean, purified, pronounces him clean, purify, cleansed, purge, pure, purifying, clean, cleanse, become clean, purifier, pronouncing it clean, cleansing, pronounce him clean, pronounce clean, cleared, becomes cleansed    HCS: Purify, be pure, purification, He will purify, they will cleanse, more pure, I purified, cleansed, I will be clean, he will become clean, be purified, he was clean, one who is to be cleansed, then he will be clean, clean, you have ceremonially cleansed, to cleanse, he cleansed, I will purify, they purified, you will be clean, away, purifier, I will cleanse, they had purified, I tried to purify, to purify, had purified, been cleansed, she is cured, ceremonially cleanse, *, will become clean, purify, she will be clean, one to be cleansed, We have cleansed, he is clean, and you will be clean, who performs the cleansing, be clean, cleanse, has been cured, I am cleansed, who is to be cleansed, he will be clean, it will be clean
ṭâhêr taw-hare'
2892 KJV: purifying, glory, clearness    NAS: purification, clear, splendor    HCS: of purification, splendor, as clear
ṭôhar to'-har
2893 KJV: purifying, purification, cleansed, cleansing    NAS: becomes clean, purification, cleansed, purifying, cleansing    HCS: purification, of purification, he is cleansed, the purification, cleansing
ṭohŏrâh toh-or-aw'
2894 KJV: sweep    NAS: sweep    HCS: away
ṭû' too
2896 KJV: favour, fair, goodness, fairer, good, merry, better, fine, precious, glad, goodly, beautiful, wealth, prosperity, well, misc, best    NAS: good-looking, richer, what seems good, good and to those who, what is good, better, fine, precious, sound, fit, glad, pleases, whatever you like, delightful, wish, one, better a good, who are good, what seems best, goodness, good, kind, pleased, graciously, one who is pleasing, one who, good things, very well, one who is good, prosperity, man, generous, right, what was good, more, safely, favor, handsome, charming, ripe, beneficial, good man, like, pleasing, gracious, sweet, good thing, happiness, holiday, enjoy, festive, intelligent, good is better, splendid, best, upright, favorable, fair, worthy, well off, fine ones, choice, pure, pleasant, cheerful, beautiful, favorably, good men, well, please, happy    HCS: is intoxicating, it was better, with fine, what is good, better, fine, precious, was good, it was good, He is good, fit, something good, that saved, more beautiful, either good, what is pleasant, those who are good, a good, goodness, am pleasing, The best, was intelligent, what happiness, it be better, was extremely good-looking, more delightful, a cheerful, is a beautiful, with good, s good, right, are kind, good deeds, have good, what was good, My bounty, the one who is pleasing, favor, handsome, of fine, Is it good, is good, Is it better, gracious, and good, you must be bringing good, it seems good, who were better, is gracious, any good, the attractive, favorable, The one who pleases, The good, more impressive, *, s better, is pleasant, finest, only good, lovely, joyful, A generous, choice, by a noble, with rich, anything good, a ripe, is better, is pure, sounds good, abundant, is best, was beautiful, well, most qualified, is pleasing, turns out well, for beautiful, Your goodness, whether high, of good, a better, is fair, good-looking, will feel better, plump, it pleases, are reliable, in good, prefer, and is better, it will go well, well-being, the goodness, are better, is as good, better off, A good, Better, it is pleasant, the prosperity, a generous, were beautiful, It is better, good, kind, was positive, woman who is more worthy, Would it go well, who is better, is better off, it went well, is a good, of prosperity, be better off, grace, Are you better, prosperity, are as reliable, their good, is more profitable, an impressive, with joyful, advantage, ripe, It would have been better, who do what is good, was very beautiful, sweet, kindly, May the good, happiness, success, Good, Very well, with kind, feel better, will prosper, speaking good, the well-being, are good, the gracious, it is pleasing, to be good, the good, It is good, best, it is good, whether it is good, and care for, I find out that he is favorable, unharmed, the beautiful, it is better, The better, Should good, approval, beautiful, cheerful, favorably, with happy, was graciously
ṭôb tobe
2897 KJV: Tob    NAS: Tob    HCS: of Tob, from Tob
ṭôb tobe
2898 KJV: fair, gladness, goodness, good, good thing, joy, goods, well    NAS: glad, goodness, best things, good, good things, bounty, prosperity, comeliness, good thing, best, fair, goodness', well    HCS: fine, goods, goodness, thrive, a cheerful, good things, bounty, *, lovely, the good things, the goodness, the best products, the prosperity, good, the best, prosperity, of goods, a glad
ṭûb toob
2899 KJV: Tobadonijah    NAS: nice things, goodness, good, good things, bounty, prosperity, good deeds, favorably disposed, good thing, kindly, Tobadonijah, happiness, enjoy, welfare, pleasure, well    HCS: Tob-adonijah
ṭôb 'ădônı̂yâhû tobe ado-nee-yah'-hoo
2900 KJV: Tobijah, Tobiah    NAS: Tobiah's, Tobijah, Tobiah    HCS: And Tobiah, *, Tobijah, Tobiah's, Tobiah, of Tobiah's
ṭôbı̂yâh, ṭôbı̂yâhû to-bee-yaw', to-bee-yaw'-hoo
2901 KJV: spin    NAS: spun    HCS: spun
ṭâvâh taw-vaw'
2902 KJV: daub, plaister, shut, overlay    NAS: plaster it over, smeared, plastered it over, plasterers, plastered, overlay, replastered, plastered over, replaster    HCS: you put on, you plastered, plaster, overlaying, are those who plastered, He has shut, was replastered, those who plaster, replastered, replaster
ṭûach too'-akh
2903 KJV: frontlet    NAS: frontals, phylacteries    HCS: a symbol
ṭôphâphâh to-faw-faw'
2904 KJV: carry away, cast, cast..., send out    NAS: threw, hurl, hurled, throw, hurled headlong, cast, laid low    HCS: threw, hurled, throw, hurled out, violently, is cast, They threw, and hurl, I will hurl, Does a person not collapse, be overwhelmed
ṭûl tool
2905 KJV: row    NAS: row, rows    HCS: per row, There was a stone wall, were in rows, was a row, row, a row, rows
ṭûr toor
2906 KJV: mountain    NAS: mountain    HCS: mountain
ṭûr toor
2907 KJV: hasteth    NAS: swoops    HCS: swooping down
ṭûś toos
2908 KJV: fasting    NAS: fasting    HCS: fasting
ṭevâth tev-awth'
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