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Entry for Strong's #3557 - כּוּל

Word Origin
a primitive root
Parts of Speech
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) to seize, contain, measure

1a) (Qal) to measure, calculate

1b) (Pilpel) to sustain, maintain, contain

1b1) to sustain, support, nourish

1b2) to contain, hold in, restrain

1b3) to support, endure

1c) (Polpal) to be supplied

1d) (Hiphil) to contain, hold, hold in, endure

1d1) to contain

1d2) to sustain, endure

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1410 ‑ δύναμαι (doo'‑nam‑ahee);  1209 ‑ δέχομαι (dekh'‑om‑ahee);  2425 ‑ ἱκανός (hik‑an‑os');  4912 ‑ συνέχω (soon‑ekh'‑o);  5297 ‑ ὑποφέρω (hoop‑of‑er'‑o);  5562 ‑ χωρέω (kho‑reh'‑o);  714 ‑ ἀρκέω (ar‑keh'‑o);  1625 ‑ ἐκτρέφω (ek‑tref'‑o);  2720 ‑ κατευθύνω (kat‑yoo‑thoo'‑no);  3621 ‑ οἰκονομέω (oy‑kon‑om‑eh'‑o);  5142 ‑ τρέφω (tref'‑o);  5278 ‑ ὑπομένω (hoop‑om‑en'‑o);  5342 ‑ φέρω (fer'‑o);  5524 ‑ χορηγέω (khor‑ayg‑eh'‑o);  
Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (37) NAS (37) HCS (38)
Genesis 3
Ruth 1
2 Samuel 3
1 Kings 11
2 Chronicles 4
Nehemiah 1
Psalms 2
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 1
Jeremiah 4
Ezekiel 1
Joel 1
Amos 1
Zechariah 1
Malachi 1
Genesis 3
Ruth 1
2 Samuel 3
1 Kings 11
2 Chronicles 4
Nehemiah 1
Psalms 2
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 1
Jeremiah 4
Ezekiel 1
Joel 1
Amos 1
Zechariah 1
Malachi 1
Genesis 3
Ruth 1
2 Samuel 3
1 Kings 12
2 Chronicles 4
Nehemiah 1
Psalms 2
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 1
Jeremiah 4
Ezekiel 2
Joel 1
Amos 1
Zechariah 1
Malachi 1

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1242) lk (כל KL) AC: Complete CO: Vessel AB: Whole: The pictograph k is a picture of the bent palm representing the bending or subduing of the will, the l is a picture of a shepherd staff or yoke. Combined these mean "tame for the yoke". An animal or land that is tamed has been worked and is complete and ready for use. Taming include; construction of holding pens, putting the soil to the plow, harvesting of crops, milk or meat. One eats once the harvest is complete. (eng: whole; cell; cellar)

A) lk (כל KL) AC: Complete CO: Vessel AB: Whole: A container for holding contents. Something that is full or whole.

Nf1) elk (כלה KLH) - Completion: Something that has been completed or made whole. This can be in a positive sense or negative such as in a failure. KJV (22): end, altogether, consume, consumption, consummation, determine, riddance - Strongs: H3617 (כָּלָה)

fm) ilk (כלי KLY) - Vessel: For carrying or storing various materials. KJV (325): vessel, instrument, weapon, jewel, stuff, thing, armour, furniture, carriage, bag - Strongs: H3627 (כְּלִי)

ff1) eilk (כליה KLYH) - Kidney: The organ as a vessel. The seat of emotion. KJV (31): kidneys, reins - Strongs: H3629 (כִּלְיָה)

if1) elkt (תכלה TKLH) - Completion: KJV (1): perfection - Strongs: H8502 (תִּכְלָה)

if2) tlkt (תכלת TKLT) - Blue: [Unknown connection to root] KJV (50): blue - Strongs: H8504 (תְּכֵלֶת)

if4) tilkt (תכלית TKLYT) - Boundary: The ends of the whole. KJV (5): end, perfection, perfect - Strongs: H8503 (תַּכְלִית)

fjm) nfilk (כליונ KLYWN) - Failure: A complete destruction or failure of something. KJV (2): failing, consumption - Strongs: H3631 (כִּלָּיוֹן)

B) llk (כלל KLL) AC: Complete CO: ? AB: Whole: Something that is whole or a container that holds something completely.

V) llk (כלל KLL) - Complete: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (10): (vf: Paal) perfect, finish - Strongs: H3634 (כָּלַל), H3635 (כְּלַל)

Nf1) ellk (כללה KLLH) - Bride: The one added to the man to make him complete. KJV (34): daughter-in-law, bride, spouse - Strongs: H3618 (כַּלָּה)

bm) lilk (כליל KLYL) - Complete: KJV (15): perfect, wholly, perfection, utterly, whole - Strongs: H3632 (כָּלִיל)

df1) elflk (כלולה KLWLH) - Bridehood: In the sense of becoming complete. KJV (1): espousal - Strongs: H3623 (כְּלוּלֹת)

hm) llkm (מכלל MKLL) - Complete: KJV (1): perfection - Strongs: H4359 (מִכְלָל)

hcm) lflkm (מכלול MKLWL) - Complete: KJV (2): gorgeously, sorts - Strongs: H4358 (מִכְלוֹל)

hdm) lflkm (מכלול MKLWL) - Choice: In the sense of being whole and complete. KJV (1): all - Strongs: H4360 (מַכְלֻל)

C) lka (אכל AKL) AC: Eat CO: Food AB: ?: Through sustenance one becomes whole and satisfied.

V) lka (אכל AKL) - Eat: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (817): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Pual, Piel) eat, devour, consume - Strongs: H398 (אָכַל), H399 (אֲכַל)

Nf1) elka (אכלה AKLH) - Food: KJV (18): meat, devour, fuel, eat, consume, food - Strongs: H402 (אָכְלָה)

am) lkam (מאכל MAKL) - Food: KJV (30): meat, food, fruit, manner, victual - Strongs: H3978 (מַאֲכָל)

af2) tlkam (מאכלת MAKLT) - Knife: What is used for preparing and eating food. KJV (4): knife - Strongs: H3979 (מַאֲכֶלֶת)

bf1) elika (אכילה AKYLH) - Food: KJV (1): meat - Strongs: H396 (אֲכִילָה)

gm) lkfa (אוכל AWKL) - Food: KJV (44): meat, food, eating, victuals, prey - Strongs: H400 (אֹכֶל)

acf2) tlfkam (מאכולת MAKWLT) - Fuel: Is used cooking food. KJV (2): fuel - Strongs: H3980 (מַאֲכֹלֶת)

E) alk (כלא KLA) AC: Restrain CO: Prison AB: ?: A prison or fold for restraining men or animals in the sense of whole.

V) alk (כלא KLA) - Restrain: To hold back or prevent someone or something. KJV (18): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Piel) shut up, stay, refrain, withhold, keep, finish, forbid, retain - Strongs: H3607 (כָּלָא)

Nm) alk (כלא KLA) - Prison: KJV (10): prison - Strongs: H3608 (כֶּלֶא)

bm) ailk (כליא KLYA) - Prison: [df: awlk] KJV (2): prison - Strongs: H3628 (כְּלִיא)

e m ) alik (כילא KYLA) - Mixture: [Unknown connection to root] KJV (4): mingle, diverse - Strongs: H3610 (כִּלְאַיִם)

hf1) ealkm (מכלאה MKLAH) - Fold: KJV (3): fold - Strongs: H4356 (מִכְלָה)

F) lke (הכל HKL) AC: ? CO: House AB: ?: An enclosure for a resident god or king in the sense of whole.

em) lkie (היכל HYKL) - House: The house of a god (temple) or king (palace) . [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (93): temple, palace - Strongs: H1964 (הֵיכָל), H1965 (הֵיכַל)

G) lek (כהל KHL) AC: Able CO: ? AB: ?: One who is whole or complete is able to do or perform something.

V) lek (כהל KHL) - Able: [Aramaic only] KJV (4): (vf: Paal) able, could - Strongs: H3546 (כְּהַל)

H) elk (כלה KLH) AC: Complete CO: ? AB: ?

V) elk (כלה KLH) - Complete: To bring something to its completion. KJV (206): (vf: Paal, Pual, Piel) consume, end, finish, fail, accomplish, done, spend, determine, away, fulfill, faint, destroy, left, waste - Strongs: H3615 (כָּלָה)

Nm) elk (כלה KLH) - Failing: Something that is incomplete. KJV (1): fail - Strongs: H3616 (כָּלֶה)

hf1) elkm (מכלה MKLH) - Completion: KJV (1): perfect - Strongs: H4357 (מִכְלוֹת)

J) lfk (כול KWL) AC: Sustain CO: Food AB: ?

V) lfk (כול KWL) - Sustain: To provide what is needed to make someone or something whole or complete. KJV (37): (vf: Paal, Pilpel) contain, feed, sustain, abide, nourish, hold, receive, victual, bear, comprehend - Strongs: H3557 (כּוּל)

Nm) lfk (כול KWL) - All: KJV (120): everything, all, whosoever, nothing, yet - Strongs: H3605 (כּוֹל), H3606 (כֹּל)

af2) tlfkm (מכולת MKWLT) - Food: What sustains. KJV (1): food - Strongs: H4361 (מַכֹּלֶת)

L) lki (יכל YKL) AC: Able CO: Vessel AB: ?: One who is whole or complete is able to do or perform something.

V) lki (יכל YKL) - Able: [Hebrew and Aramaic] [df: lyky] KJV (107): (vf: Paal) can, able, prevail, may, endure, might - Strongs: H3201 (יָכוֹל), H3202 (יְכִיל)

hm ) lkim (מיכל MYKL) - Vessel: A container of holding water. KJV (1): brook - Strongs: H4323 (מִיכָל)

M) lik (כיל KYL) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Villain: One who is held in a prison.

fm) ilik (כילי KYLY) - Villain: KJV (2): churl - Strongs: H3596 (כֵּלַי)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [כּוּל] verb comprehend, contain (Late Hebrew, Aramaic id., measure, measure out, of dry or liquid measure; Syriac Aph`el id.; Arabic measure grain) —

Qal Perfect only Isaiah 40:12 מִיכָּ֗֗֗ל בְּשָׁלִשׁעֲפַר הָאָרֶץ who hath comprehended the dust of the earth in a shalish-measure?

Pilpel Perfect כִּלְכֵּל 2 Samuel 19:33; suffix כִּלְכְּלָם 1 Kings 18:4; 2 masculine singular suffix כִּלְכַּלְתָּם Nehemiah 9:21, etc.; Imperfect יְכַלְכֵּל Zechariah 11:16 +, etc.; Infinitive construct כַּלְכֵּל Jeremiah 20:9 +, etc.; Participle מְכַלְכֵּל Malachi 3:2; — sustain, maintain, contain:

1 sustain, support, nourish, followed by accusative of person Genesis 45:11; Genesis 50:21 (both E), 2 Samuel 19:33; 2 Samuel 19:34; 2 Samuel 20:3; 1 Kings 4:7 a (v:b absolute), 1 Kings 5:7; 1 Kings 17:4,9; Nehemiah 9:21; Ruth 4:15; Psalm 55:23; Zechariah 11:16 (of sheep); followed by accusative of person + of thing (food) Genesis 47:12 (J), 1 Kings 18:4,13.

2 contain, followed by accusative of person 1 Kings 8:27; 2 Chronicles 2:5; 2 Chronicles 6:18 (heavens cannot contain ׳י); hold in, restrain Yahweh's word within one, Jeremiah 20:9.

3 support, endure, sickness רוּחַ אִישׁמַחֲלֵ֑הוּ ׳יְכַל Proverbs 18:14; Malachi 3:2 (object אֶתיֿוֺם בּוֺאוֺ); of sustaining a cause, in court, דְּבָרָיו בְּמִשְׁמָּט׳יְכַל Psalm 112:5.

Polpal Perfect 3 plural כָּלְכְּלוּ were supplied with food 1 Kings 20:27 (Klo proposes בַּגִּלְבֹּעַ).

Hiph`il Imperfect יָכִיל 1 Kings 7:26 2t. etc.; Infinitive construct הָכִיל Jeremiah 6:11 5t.; — contain, hold, hold in, endure;

1 contain, followed by accusative (of liquid) 1 Kings 7:26,38; 2 Chronicles 4:5; in figure Jeremiah 2:13, absolute Ezekiel 23:32; (of burnt-offering) 1 Kings 8:64; 2 Chronicles 7:7; hold in (wrath of ׳י, object not expressed, subject Jeremiah) Jeremiah 6:11 (opposed to שָׁפַךְ).

2 sustain, endure, followed by accusative Amos 7:10; Jeremiah 10:10; Joel 2:11.

כִּלְכֵּל verb, כַּלְכֹּל

proper name, masculine see below כול.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
List of Word Forms
אֲכַלְכֵּ֥ל אכלכל הָכִ֔יל הכיל וְכִלְכְּל֥וּ וְכִלְכְּלָ֖ם וְכִלְכְּלוּ֩ וְכִלְכַּלְתִּ֤י וְכִלְכַּלְתִּ֥י וְכָ֥ל וְכָלְכְּל֔וּ וַֽיְכַלְכְּלֵ֔ם וַיְכַלְכֵּ֤ל וָאֲכַלְכְּלֵ֖ם וּלְכַלְכֵּ֖ל ואכלכלם ויכלכל ויכלכלם וכל וכלכלו וכלכלם וכלכלתי ולכלכל יְכִילֶֽנּוּ׃ יְכַ֫לְכְּלֶ֥ךָ יְכַלְכְּל֔וּךָ יְכַלְכְּלֻ֑הוּ יְכַלְכֵּ֔ל יְכַלְכֵּ֖ל יְכַלְכֵּ֣ל יָכִ֖לוּ יָכִ֣יל ׀ יָכִ֥לוּ יָכִֽיל׃ יכיל יכיל׃ יכילנו׃ יכלו יכלכל יכלכלהו יכלכלוך יכלכלך כִּלְכַּלְתָּ֥ם כִלְכַּ֤ל כַּֽלְכֵ֖ל כלכל כלכלתם לְהָכִ֖יל לְהָכִ֛יל לְהָכִֽיל׃ לְכַלְכְּלֶֽךָ׃ לְכַלְכֵּֽל׃ לְכַלְכֶּלְךָ֖ להכיל להכיל׃ לכלכל׃ לכלכלך לכלכלך׃ מְכַלְכֵּל֙ מֵֽהָכִיל֙ מהכיל מכלכל ’ă·ḵal·kêl ’ăḵalkêl achalKel chilKal hā·ḵîl haChil hāḵîl kal·ḵêl kalChel kalḵêl ḵil·kal kil·kal·tām ḵilkal kilkalTam kilkaltām lə·hā·ḵîl lə·ḵal·kə·le·ḵā lə·ḵal·kêl lə·ḵal·kel·ḵā lechalKel lechalkelCha lechalkeLecha lehaChil ləhāḵîl ləḵalkêl ləḵalkəleḵā ləḵalkelḵā mê·hā·ḵîl mə·ḵal·kêl mechalKel mehaChil mêhāḵîl məḵalkêl ū·lə·ḵal·kêl ulechalKel ūləḵalkêl vaachalkeLem vaychalKel vaychalkeLem vechalkeLu vechilkalTi vechilkeLam vechilkeLu vechol wā’ăḵalkəlêm wā·’ă·ḵal·kə·lêm way·ḵal·kə·lêm way·ḵal·kêl wayḵalkêl wayḵalkəlêm wə·ḵā·lə·kə·lū wə·ḵāl wə·ḵil·kal·tî wə·ḵil·kə·lām wə·ḵil·kə·lū wəḵāl wəḵāləkəlū wəḵilkaltî wəḵilkəlām wəḵilkəlū yā·ḵi·lū yā·ḵîl yaChil yaChilu yāḵîl yāḵilū yə·ḵal·kə·le·ḵā yə·ḵal·kə·lu·hū yə·ḵal·kə·lū·ḵā yə·ḵal·kêl yə·ḵî·len·nū yechalKel yeChalkeLecha yechalkeLucha yechalkeLuhu yechiLennu yəḵalkêl yəḵalkəleḵā yəḵalkəluhū yəḵalkəlūḵā yəḵîlennū
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