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Entry for Strong's #4692 - מָצוּר

mâtsôr, mâtsûr
maw-tsore', maw-tsoor'  
Word Origin
from (06696)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) siege-enclosure, siege, entrenchment, siege works

1a) siege

1b) enclosure, siege-works, rampart

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3794 ‑ ὀχύρωμα (okh‑oo'‑ro‑mah);  4042 ‑ περιοχή (per‑ee‑okh‑ay');  4730 ‑ στενοχωρία (sten‑okh‑o‑ree'‑ah);  4928 ‑ συνοχή (soon‑okh'‑ay);  5482 ‑ χάραξ (khar'‑ax);  
Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (25) NAS (25) HCS (25)
Deuteronomy 5
2 Kings 2
2 Chronicles 3
Psalms 2
Jeremiah 3
Ezekiel 5
Micah 1
Nahum 1
Habakkuk 1
Zechariah 2
Deuteronomy 5
2 Kings 2
2 Chronicles 3
Psalms 2
Jeremiah 3
Ezekiel 5
Micah 1
Nahum 1
Habakkuk 1
Zechariah 2
Deuteronomy 5
2 Kings 2
2 Chronicles 3
Psalms 2
Jeremiah 3
Ezekiel 5
Micah 1
Nahum 1
Habakkuk 1
Zechariah 2
n-cms 22
n-cmsc 1
n-cms 23
n-cmsc 1
n-cms 23
n-cmsc 1

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1411) ry (תסר TsR) AC: Press CO: Enemy AB: Trouble: A pressing in or on someone or something. (eng: sore; store)

A) ry (תסר TsR) AC: Press CO: Enemy AB: Trouble

Nm ) ry (תסר TsR) - I. Enemy:One who closes in with pressure. II. Strait:A narrow tight place or situation. KJV (105): enemy, adversary, trouble, distress, affliction, foe, narrow, strait, flint, sorrow - Strongs: H6862 (צָר)

Nf1) ery (תסרה TsRH) - Trouble: KJV (73): trouble, distress, affliction, adversity, anguish, tribulation, adversary - Strongs: H6869 (צָרָה)

fm) iry (תסרי TsRY) - Balm: A salve rubbed and pressed into the skin. KJV (6): balm - Strongs: H6875 (צֳרִי)

km) rym (מתסר MTsR) - Strait: A narrow tight place or situation. KJV (3): pains, distress, strait - Strongs: H4712 (מֵצַר)

B) rry (תסרר TsRR) AC: Press CO: Bundle AB: ?: A pressing in or on someone or something.

V) rry (תסרר TsRR) - Press: KJV (58): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Pual, Participle) enemy, distress, bind, vex, afflict, besiege, adversary, strait, trouble, bound, pangs - Strongs: H6887 (צָרַר)

cm) rfry (תסרור TsRWR) - I. Bundle:Something that is bound up tight. II. Pebble:[Unknown connection to root] KJV (11): bundle, bag, bind, grain, stone - Strongs: H6872 (צְרֹר)

C) rya (אתסר ATsR) AC: Press CO: Belt AB: ?: Something that is stored by being wrapped up tightly. A belt or waistcloth that is wrapped around the middle tightly.

V) rya (אתסר ATsR) - I. Belt:To wrap around tightly. [df: rza]II. Store:To store up something in a safe place as if bound up. KJV (21): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Piel) gird, bind, compass, store, treasure - Strongs: H247 (אָזַר), H686 (אָצַר)

cm) rfya (אתסור ATsWR) - Waistband: As bound around the middle. [df: rwza] KJV (14): girdle - Strongs: H232 (אֵזוֹר)

gm ) ryfa (אותסר AWTsR) - Storehouse: A place where store are bound up. KJV (79): treasure, treasury, storehouse, cellar, armoury - Strongs: H214 (אוֹצָר)

D) ray (תסאר TsAR) AC: ? CO: Neck AB: ?

gm ) rafy (תסואר TsWAR) - Neck: From the soreness of the neck from carrying a load or from stress. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (45): neck - Strongs: H6676 (צַוַּאר), H6677 (צַוָּארָה)

G) rey (תסהר TsHR) AC: Shine CO: Oil AB: ?: The olives are pressed to extract the glimmering oil.

V) rey (תסהר TsHR) - Oil: KJV (1): (vf: Hiphil) oil - Strongs: H6671 (צָהַר)

gf) refy (תסוהר TsWHR) - Shining: Something that shines bright. Also noon as the brightest part of the day. From the glistening of olive oil. [df: rhz] KJV (26): brightness, noon, noonday, day, midday, window - Strongs: H2096 (זֹהַר), H6672 (צָהֳרַיִם)

tm ) reyi (יתסהר YTsHR) - Oil: KJV (23): oil, anointed - Strongs: H3323 (יִצְהָר)

H) ery (תסרה TsRH) AC: Crush CO: ? AB: ?

om ) erfy (תסורה TsWRH) - Crushed: [df: hrwz] KJV (1): crushed - Strongs: H2116 (זוּרֶה)

J) rfy (תסור TsWR) AC: Press CO: Flint AB: ?

V) rfy (תסור TsWR) - Press: [df: rwz] KJV (41): (vf: Paal) besiege, siege, distress, bind, adversary, assault, bag, beset, cast, fashion, fortify, inclose, bind, crush, closed, thrust - Strongs: H2115 (זוּר), H6696 (צוּר)

Nm ) rfy (תסור TsWR) - Flint: A very hard rock that when fractured forms a razor sharp edge. Used for knives, spears or arrowheads. KJV (80): rock, strength, sharp, god, beauty, edge, stone, mighty, strong, stone, flint - Strongs: H6697 (צֻר), H6864 (צֹר)

Nf1) erfy (תסורה TsWRH) - Form: In the sense of being pressed. KJV (4): form - Strongs: H6699 (צוּרָה)

am) rfym (מתסור MTsWR) - I. Wound:What is bound up with dressings. [df: rwzm rzm]II. Besiege:A pressing into a city for conquering it. KJV (28): wound, bound - Strongs: H4205 (מָזֹר), H4692 (מָצוּר)

kf1) erfym (מתסורה MTsWRH) - Rampart: A defensible stronghold to repel an army that presses in. KJV (8): fenced, stronghold, fort, munition - Strongs: H4694 (מְצֻרָה)

L) ryi (יתסר YTsR) AC: Press CO: ? AB: ?: Being pressed in a narrow tight place. The pressing of clay to form something.

V) ryi (יתסר YTsR) - Press: To pressed or squeeze out of shape or into a shape as when pressing clay into a shape. KJV (71): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hophal, Pual) distressed, straitened, straits, vex, narrow, form, potter, fashion, maker, frame, make, former, earthen, purpose - Strongs: H3334 (יָצַר), H3335 (יָצַר)

Nm) ryi (יתסר YTsR) - Thought: The forming of thought in the mind. KJV (9): imagination, frame, mind, work - Strongs: H3336 (יֵצֶר)

dm) rfyi (יתסור YTsWR) - Form: Something that is formed. KJV (1): members - Strongs: H3338 (יְצֻרִים)

M) riy (תסיר TsYR) AC: Press CO: ? AB: Pain

V) riy (תסיר TsYR) - Press: KJV (1): (vf: Hitpael) ambassador - Strongs: H6737 (צִיר)

Nm) riy (תסיר TsYR) - I. Pain:A pressing pain. II. Idol:As pressed out of clay. III. Hinge:As pressed. The weight of the door rested on the hinge. IV. Messenger:KJV (14): ambassador, messenger, pain, pang, sorrow, idol, hinge - Strongs: H6735 (צִיר), H6736 (צִיר)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 מָצוֺר noun [masculine] siege-enclosure, siege, entrenchment; — always ׳מ absolute, except construct מְצוֺר Ezekiel 4:7 suffix מְצוּרֶ֑ךָ Ezekiel 4:8; —

1 siege שָׂם עָלֵינוּ׳מ Micah 4:14 he hath laid siege to us, compare ׳וְנָתַתָּ֫ עָלֶיהָ מ Ezekiel 4:2; ׳בּוֺא בַמּ is come into a state of siege Deuteronomy 20:19; 2 Kings 24:10; 2 Kings 25:2; Jeremiah 52:5, compare ׳וְהָֽיְתָה בַמּ Ezekiel 4:3; ׳יוֺשֶׁבֶת֯י בַּמּ Jeremiah 10:17; ׳מְצוֺר יְרו Ezekiel 4:7 siege of Jerusalem, but also ׳עַליְֿרו׳מ Zechariah 12:2; ׳יְמֵי מ of duration of siege Ezekiel 4:8; Ezekiel 5:2; ׳מֵי מ Nahum 3:14 water for a siege; in phrase וּבְמָצוֺק׳בְּמ in the siege and stress Deuteronomy 28:53,55,57; Jeremiah 19:9.

2 enclosure, i.e. siege-works Deuteronomy 20:20; late = ram-part Zechariah 9:3, ׳עִיר מ entrenched city Psalm 31:22 (al. besieged), Psalm 60:11 ("" Psalm 108:11 מִבְצָר׳ע), compare 2 Chronicles 8:5; ׳עָרִים לְמ 2 Chronicles 11:5, בִּירוּשָׁלַם׳ישְׁבִים בְּמ 2 Chronicles 32:10; ׳מ Habakkuk 2:1 according to most ("" מִשְׁמֶרֶת); but We derives from נצר, i.e. watch-tower, Now conjectures מִצְמֶּה (compare וַאֲצַמֶּה following); > Buhl conjectures ֯׃מְצָד׳מ

proper name, of a territory.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
List of Word Forms
בְּמָצ֖וֹר בְּמָצוֹר֙ בַּמָּצ֑וֹר בַּמָּצֽוֹר׃ בַמָּצ֖וֹר בַמָּצוֹר֙ במצור במצור׃ הַמָּצ֑וֹר המצור לְמָצ֖וֹר למצור מְצ֤וֹר מְצוּרֶֽךָ׃ מָצ֑וֹר מָצ֔וֹר מָצ֖וֹר מָצ֗וֹר מָצֽוֹר׃ מָצוֹר֙ מצור מצור׃ מצורך׃ bam·mā·ṣō·wr ḇam·mā·ṣō·wr bammāṣōwr ḇammāṣōwr bammaTzor bə·mā·ṣō·wr bəmāṣōwr bematzOr ham·mā·ṣō·wr hammāṣōwr hammaTzor lə·mā·ṣō·wr ləmāṣōwr lemaTzor mā·ṣō·wr māṣōwr maTzor mə·ṣō·wr mə·ṣū·re·ḵā məṣōwr məṣūreḵā meTzor metzuRecha vammatzOr
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