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Entry for Strong's #5709 - עֲדָה

‛ădâ', ‛ădâh
ad-aw', ad-aw'  
Word Origin
corresponding to (05710)
Parts of Speech
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) to pass on, pass away

1a) (Peal)

1a1) to pass on, pass over

1a2) to pass away

1b) (Aphel) to take away, remove, depose

Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (9) NAS (8) HCS (8)
Daniel 9
Daniel 8
Daniel 8
P-r 5
p-i3ms 1
v-Np3fs 1
P-r 5
p-i3ms 1
v-Np3fs 1
P-r 5
p-i3ms 1
v-Np3fs 1

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1349) do (אהד AhD) AC: Repeat CO: ? AB: Witness: The pictograph o is a picture of the eye, the d is a picture of the door. Combined these mean "see the door". As coming to a tent a tent of meeting and entering in. A place, time or event that is repeated again and again.

A) do (אהד AhD) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Witness: An event or persons testimony recounting another event or person.

Nf) do (אהד AhD) - I. Witness: II. Again:A repetition of time either definite or indefinite. [Hebrew and Aramaic] III. Until:A determinate period of time. KJV (269): witness, ever, everlasting, end, evermore, old, perpetually, by, as, when, how, yet, till, until, unto, for, to, but, on, within, filthy - Strongs: H1157 (בַּעַד), H5703 (עַד), H5704 (עַד), H5705 (עַד), H5707 (עֵד), H5708 (עִדָּה)

Nf1) edo (אהדה AhDH) - I. Company:A group with a common testimony. II. Witness:KJV (175): congregation, company, assembly, multitude, people, swarm, testimony, witness - Strongs: H5712 (עֵדָה), H5713 (עֵדָה)

Nf3) tfdo (אהדות AhDWT) - Witness: KJV (59): testimony, witness - Strongs: H5715 (עֵדוּת)

fm) ido (אהדי AhDY) - Trappings: Articles of dress or adornment that often witness to a persons position or rank. KJV (13): ornament, mouth - Strongs: H5716 (עֲדִי)

H) edo (אהדה AhDH) AC: Adorn CO: Trappings AB: ?: An adornment for testifying to ones position, rank or authority.

V) edo (אהדה AhDH) - I. Adorn:To put on trappings which usually identify position or rank. II. Remove:[Unknown connection to root; Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (19): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) deck, adorn, take, pass, depart, alter, took, pass, remove - Strongs: H5709 (עֲדָה), H5710 (עָדָה)

J) dfo (אהוד AhWD) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Witness: The repeating of an account.

V) dfo (אהוד AhWD) - Witness: KJV (45): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hophal, Piel) testify, protest, witness, record, charge, take, admonish - Strongs: H5749 (עוּד)

Nm) dfo (אהוד AhWD) - Again: A repeating of something. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (31): again, more, while, longer, else, since, yet, still - Strongs: H5750 (עֹד), H5751 (עוֹד)

if1) edfot (תאהודה TAhWDH) - Witness: KJV (3): testimony - Strongs: H8584 (תְּעוּדָה)

L) doi (יאהד YAhD) AC: Meet CO: Appointment AB: ?: An appointed place, time or event that is repeated such as the monthly and yearly feasts.

V) doi (יאהד YAhD) - Meet: A coming together as two or an assembly. KJV (1): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Hophal) meet, together, assemble, appoint, set, time, betroth, agree, gather - Strongs: H3259 (יָעַד)

am) dofm (מואהד MWAhD) - I. Appointment:A time that is repeated time after time. II. Company:A group that meet at specific times. KJV (224): congregation, feast, season, appointed, time, assembly, solemnity, solemn, days, sign, synagogue - Strongs: H4150 (מוֹעָדָה), H4151 (מוֹעָד)

af1) edofm (מואהדה MWAhDH) - Appointed: A place appointed for as a witness. KJV (1): appointed - Strongs: H4152 (מוּעָדָה)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [עֲדָה] verb pass on, away (ᵑ7 (often for Hebrew עָבַר, Syriac; see Biblical Hebrew I. עָדָה (rare, late)); —

Pe`al Perfect 3 feminine singular עֲדָת Daniel 3:27; Daniel 4:28; Imperfect 3 masculine singular יֶעְדֵּה Daniel 7:14,3feminine singular תֶּעְדֵּה Daniel 6:9; —

1 pass on, over, with ב person Daniel 3:27.

2 pass way, of kingdom Daniel 4:28 (מִן person), Daniel 7:14; of law Daniel 6:9.

Haph`el take away (so Egyptian Aramaic S-C G 35): Perfect 3 masculine plural הֶעְדִּיו, accusative of thing, Daniel 5:20 (מִן person), Daniel 7:12; Imperfect 3 masculine plural יְהַעְדּוּן Daniel 7:26; Participle מְהַעְדֵּה Daniel 2:21 remove, depose kings, of God.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
List of Word Forms
הֶעְדִּ֖יו הֶעְדִּ֥יוּ העדיו יְהַעְדּ֔וֹן יֶעְדֵּ֔ה יהעדון יעדה מְהַעְדֵּ֥ה מהעדה עֲדָ֖ת עֲדָ֥ת עדת תֶעְדֵּֽא׃ תעדא׃ ‘ă·ḏāṯ ‘ăḏāṯ aDat he‘·di·yū he‘·dîw he‘dîw he‘diyū heDiv heDiyu mə·ha‘·dêh məha‘dêh mehaDeh ṯe‘·dê ṯe‘dê teDe ye‘·dêh ye‘dêh yə·ha‘·dō·wn yeDeh yəha‘dōwn yehaDon
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