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Entry for Strong's #60 - אֵבֶל

Word Origin
from (056)
Parts of Speech
Noun, Masculine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) mourning

1a) for the dead

1b) for rites of mourning (metaphorically)

1c) mourning garb

1d) period of mourning

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 2805 ‑ κλαυθμός (klowth‑mos');  3601 ‑ ὀδύνη (od‑oo'‑nay);  3806 ‑ πάθος (path'‑os);  3997 ‑ πένθος (pen'‑thos);  
Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (24) NAS (24) HCS (24)
Genesis 3
Deuteronomy 1
2 Samuel 3
Esther 2
Job 1
Ecclesiastes 2
Isaiah 2
Jeremiah 3
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 1
Amos 2
Micah 1
Genesis 3
Deuteronomy 1
2 Samuel 3
Esther 2
Job 1
Ecclesiastes 2
Isaiah 2
Jeremiah 3
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 1
Amos 2
Micah 1
Genesis 4
Deuteronomy 1
2 Samuel 3
Esther 2
Job 1
Ecclesiastes 2
Isaiah 2
Jeremiah 3
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 1
Amos 3
Micah 1
n-cms 21
v-tvfs 1
n-cms 19
n-cms 19

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1035) lb (בל BL) AC: Flow CO: ? AB: Nothing: A flowing of any substance. (eng: ball; bowl; flow - with the exchange of the f for a b)

A) lb (בל BL) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Nothing: To come to nothing when effort is given.

Nm) lb (בל BL) - Nothing: KJV (9): none, not, nor, lest, nothing, not, neither, no - Strongs: H1077 (בַּל)

ef4) tilib (בילית BYLYT) - Except: A flowing away of all except one. Can also mean not or nothing in the sense of all things flowing away. [df: ytlb] KJV (30): but, except, save, nothing, lest, no, from, inasmuch - Strongs: H1115 (בִּלְתִּי)

fm ) ilb (בלי BLY) - Without: KJV (15): not, without, lack, confusion - Strongs: H1097 (בְּלִי), H1099 (בְּלִימָה)

if) lbt (תבל TBL) - I. Earth:A land flowing with substance. II. Confusion:An action that lacks any results. [Used in the sense of beastiality] KJV (38): world, habitable part, confusion - Strongs: H8397 (תֶּבֶל), H8398 (בֵּבֵל)

if4) tilbt (תבלית TBLYT) - Ruin: A complete flowing away of something by destruction. KJV (1): destruction - Strongs: H8399 (תַּבְלִית)

qm) flb (בלו BLW) - Tribute: [Unknown connection to root; Aramaic only] KJV (3): tribute - Strongs: H1093 (בְּלוֹ)

B) llb (בלל BLL) AC: Mix CO: Fodder AB: ?: A flowing or mixing of a liquid or solid.

V) llb (בלל BLL) - Mix: KJV (44): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) mingle, confound, anoint, mix - Strongs: H1101 (בָּלַל)

bm) lilb (בליל BLYL) - Fodder: A mixed feed for livestock. KJV (3): fodder, corn, provender - Strongs: H1098 (בְּלִיל)

idm) lflbt (תבלול TBLWL) - Cataract: The clouding color of the eyes that appear as a mixture. KJV (1): blemish - Strongs: H8400 (תְּבַלֻּל)

C) lba (אבל ABL) AC: Flow CO: Stream AB: ?: A flowing of tears.

V) lba (אבל ABL) - Mourn: KJV (39): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hitpael) mourn, mourner, lament - Strongs: H56 (אָבַל)

Nf) lba (אבל ABL) - I. Meadow:A moist ground. II. Mourning:A flowing of tears. III. Surely:A flowing of certainty. KJV (44): mourning, plain, but, nevertheless - Strongs: H57 (אָבֵל), H58 (אָבֵל), H60 (אֵבֶל), H61 (אֲבָל)

om) lbfa (אובל AWBL) - Stream: A flowing of water. KJV (3): river - Strongs: H180 (אֻבָל)

E) alb (בלא BLA) AC: ? CO: Old AB: ?: A flowing away life.

Nm) alb (בלא BLA) - Old: [df: ywlb] KJV (3): old - Strongs: H1094 (בְּלוֹא)

F) lbe (הבל HBL) AC: ? CO: Empty AB: ?: A flowing out or away of contents.

V) lbe (הבל HBL) - Empty: Void of usefulness, to be vain. KJV (5): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) become vain - Strongs: H1891 (הָבַל)

Nm) lbe (הבל HBL) - Emptyness: The state of being empty of contents or usefulness. KJV (73): vanity - Strongs: H1892 (הֲבֵל)

G) leb (בהל BHL) AC: Stir CO: ? AB: Trouble: The flowing of the insides through trouble, amazement, haste or anxiety.

V) leb (בהל BHL) - Stir: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (50): (vf: Niphal, Hiphil, Pual, Piel) haste, trouble, amaze, afraid, vex, rash, dismay, speedy, thrust out - Strongs: H926 (בָּהַל), H927 (בְּהַל)

Nf1) eleb (בהלה BHLH) - Trouble: KJV (4): trouble, terror - Strongs: H928 (בֶּהָלָה)

bm) lieb (בהיל BHYL) - Haste: [Aramaic only] [df: wlyhb] KJV (1): haste - Strongs: H924 (בְּהִילוּ)

H) elb (בלה BLH) AC: Wear CO: ? AB: Terror: A flowing away of function, life or strength.

V) elb (בלה BLH) - Wear Out: KJV (17): (vf: Paal, Piel) waxed old, old, consume, waste, enjoy - Strongs: H1086 (בָּלָה), H1089 (בָּלַהּ)

Nm) elb (בלה BLH) - Worn Out: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (6): old, wear out - Strongs: H1080 (בְּלָה), H1087 (בָּלֶה)

Nf1) eelb (בלהה BLHH) - Terror: A flowing away of the insides. KJV (10): terror - Strongs: H1091 (בַּלָּהָה)

J) lfb (בול BWL) AC: ? CO: Flood AB: ?: A large flowing of water. As the river rises and overflows its banks, the surrounding lands are flooded depositing the water for growing the crops.

Nm) lfb (בול BWL) - Food: The crops grown in the flood plains of rivers. KJV (2): food, stock - Strongs: H944 (בּוּל)

am) lfbm (מבול MBWL) - Flood: KJV (13): flood - Strongs: H3999 (מַבּוּל)

L) lbi (יבל YBL) AC: Flow CO: Stream AB: ?: A flowing of wealth, water or sound.

V) lbi (יבל YBL) - Flow: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (21): (vf: Hiphil, Hophal) carry, brought - Strongs: H2986 (יָבַל), H2987 (יְבַל)

Nm) lbi (יבל YBL) - Stream: A flowing body of water. KJV (2): stream, course - Strongs: H2988 (יָבָל)

Nf2) tlbi (יבלת YBLT) - Ulcer: A flowing lesion. KJV (1): wen - Strongs: H2990 (יַבֶּלֶת)

dm) lfbi (יבול YBWL) - Produce: The growth of fruits and crops from flooding waters. KJV (13): increase, fruit - Strongs: H2981 (יְבוּל)

gm) lbfi (יובל YWBL) - Trumpet: An instrument of flowing air to make a sound, also the horn of a ram used as a trumpet. KJV (27): jubilee, rams horn, trumpet - Strongs: H3104 (יֹבֵל)

om) lbfi (יובל YWBL) - Stream: A flowing body of water. KJV (1): river - Strongs: H3105 (יוּבַל)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 אֵ֫בֶל noun masculine Genesis 50:11 mourning — absolute Genesis 50:10 17t.; construct Genesis 27:41 3t.; אֶבְלֵךְ Isaiah 60:20; אֶבְלָם Jeremiah 31:13 — for dead, construct Genesis 27:41; Deuteronomy 34:8 ("" בּכי) so יָחִיד׳א simile for grievous mourning Amos 8:10, id. metaphor Jeremiah 6:26 ("" מִסְמַּד תַּמְרוּרִים); Genesis 50:11 (twice in verse); Jeremiah 16:7 compare 2 Samuel 19:3 ׳עשה א Ezekiel 24:17 (see Co) followed by לְ Genesis 50:10 (see also II. אָבֵל near the end); for calamity, Esther 4:3; Esther 9:22 ("" יָגוֺן; contracted יוֺם טוֺב) Job 30:31 ("" קולבכים Isaiah 60:20; Isaiah 61:3 (where apparently = mourning garb, followed by מַעֲטֵה תְהִלָּה, see also Bi Che on text.; "" רוּחַ כֵּהָה; contracted שֶׁמֶן שָׂשׂוֺן); Jeremiah 31:13 ("" שׂשׂון), Lamentations 5:15 ("" מָחוֺל), Amos 5:16 ("" מִסְמֵּד); compare כִּבְנוֺת יַעֲנָה׳א Micah 1:8; = time, period of mourning 2 Samuel 11:7; ׳בֵּית א Ecclesiastes 7:2 ("" ׳בּמִשְׁתֶּה, Ecclesiastes 7:4 ("" שִׂמְחָה׳בּ); ׳בִּגְדֵי א garments of mourning 2 Samuel 14:2.

אֵבֶל מִצְרַיִם see ׳אָבֵל מ below II. אבל.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
List of Word Forms
אֵ֔בֶל אֵ֖בֶל אֵ֗בֶל אֵ֣בֶל אֵ֤בֶל אֵ֥בֶל אֵֽבֶל־ אֶבְלֵֽךְ׃ אֶבְלָ֤ם אבל אבל־ אבלך׃ אבלם הָאֵ֗בֶל האבל וְאֵ֖בֶל וּמֵאֵ֖בֶל ואבל ומאבל כְּאֵ֣בֶל כאבל לְ֭אֵבֶל לְאֵ֖בֶל לְאֵ֗בֶל לאבל ’ê·ḇel ’ê·ḇel- ’eḇ·lām ’eḇ·lêḵ ’êḇel ’êḇel- ’eḇlām ’eḇlêḵ Evel evLam evLech hā’êḇel hā·’ê·ḇel haEvel kə’êḇel kə·’ê·ḇel keEvel lə’êḇel lə·’ê·ḇel leEvel ū·mê·’ê·ḇel ūmê’êḇel umeEvel veEvel wə’êḇel wə·’ê·ḇel
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