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Entry for Strong's #6331 - פּוּר

Word Origin
a primitive root
Parts of Speech
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) (Hiphil) to break, crush

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Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1388) rp (פר PR) AC: Tread CO: Bull AB: Fruitful: The pictograph p is a picture of an open mouth, the r is a picture of a head. Combined these mean "open the head". The heads of grains are scattered on the threshing floor, a smooth, hard and level surface. An ox is lead around the floor crushing the heads, opening them to reveal the seed inside. Also the fruit of trees that harvested. (eng: bull - with the exchange of the b and p and the l and r; fruit, also other fruits with a "pr" such as pear and apricot)

A) rp (פר PR) AC: ? CO: Bull AB: ?

Nm ) rp (פר PR) - Bull: KJV (133): bullock, bull, oxen, calf, young - Strongs: H6499 (פָּר)

Nf1) erp (פרה PRH) - Heifer: KJV (26): heifer, kine - Strongs: H6510 (פָּרָה)

B) rrp (פרר PRR) AC: Break CO: ? AB: ?

V) rrp (פרר PRR) - Break: To throw something on the ground and break it by trampling. KJV (50): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hophal, Pilpel) break, void, defeat, disannul, disappoint, frustrate, nought, cease, clean, dissolved, divide - Strongs: H6565 (פָּרַר)

dm) rfrp (פרור PRWR) - Skillet: A flat surface for preparing foods. KJV (3): pot, pan - Strongs: H6517 (פָּרוּר)

C) rpa (אפר APR) AC: ? CO: Ash AB: ?: At the conclusion of the treading, an abundance of fruit is acquired. Anything in abundance.

Nm) rpa (אפר APR) - Ash: KJV (24): ash - Strongs: H665 (אֵפֶר), H666 (אֲפֵר)

D) rap (פאר PAR) AC: ? CO: Decoration AB: ?: The fruits that grow on the branches of a tree as decorations.

V) rap (פאר PAR) - Decorate: KJV (14): (vf: Hitpael, Piel) glorify, beatify, boast, bough, glory - Strongs: H6286 (פָּאַר)

Nm) rap (פאר PAR) - Turban: A piece of cloth that is wound around the head as a decoration. KJV (7): goodly, beauty, goodly, ornament, tire - Strongs: H6287 (פְּאֵר)

gf1) erafp (פוארה PWARH) - Branch: KJV (7): branch, bough, sprig - Strongs: H6288 (פֻּארָה)

if1) erapt (תפארה TPARH) - Decoration: [df: trapt] KJV (51): glory, beauty, beautiful, honour, fair, glorious, bravery, comely, excellent - Strongs: H8597 (תִּפְאֶרֶת)

lm ) rarap (פאראר PARAR) - Blackness: [Unknown connection to root;] [df: rwrap] KJV (2): blackness - Strongs: H6289 (פָּארוּר)

E) arp (פרא PRA) AC: ? CO: Fruit AB: ?

V) arp (פרא PRA) - Fruitful: KJV (1): (vf: Hiphil) fruitful - Strongs: H6500 (פָּרָא)

Nm) arp (פרא PRA) - Wild-ass: A wild animal as prolific. [df: hrp] KJV (10): wild ass - Strongs: H6501 (פֶּרֶה)

H) erp (פרה PRH) AC: ? CO: Fruit AB: ?

V) erp (פרה PRH) - Fruitful: KJV (29): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) fruitful, increase, bear, forth, bring - Strongs: H6509 (פָּרָה)

fm) irp (פרי PRY) - Fruit: KJV (119): fruit, fruitful, bough, reward - Strongs: H6529 (פְּרִי)

J) rfp (פור PWR) AC: Crush CO: Winepress AB: ?: Grapes are placed in winepress and trampled on to crush the fruit bringing out the juice of the grape.

V) rfp (פור PWR) - Crush: KJV (3): (vf: Hiphil) bring, broken, take - Strongs: H6331 (פּוּר)

Nf1) erfp (פורה PWRH) - Winepress: KJV (2): winepress, press - Strongs: H6333 (פּוּרָה)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [מָּרַר] verb Hiph`il break, frustrate (Late Hebrew Pi`el crumble; Jewish-Aramaic מְּרַר; Assyrian parâru, destroy; II. shatter; Lihyanian והפרו destroy, DHM Epigr. Denkm., No. 21,7); — Perfect 3 masculine singular הֵפֵר Isaiah 33:8 +, הֵפַ֑ר Genesis 17:14; Numbers 15:31; also metaplastic from הֵפִיר Ezekiel 17:19; Psalm 33:10 (Ges§ 67v); 2 masculine singular וְהֵפַרְדָמתּ֫ה 2 Samuel 15:34, etc., Imperfect 3 masculine singular יָפֵר Numbers 30:13 +, וַיָּפֶר Nehemiah 4:9, etc.; also 1 singular אָפִיר Psalm 89:34 (Ges i.c.); Imperative masculine singular הָפֵר 2 Chronicles 16:3; Psalm 85:5, הָפֵרָה 1 Kings 15:19; Infinitive absolute הָפֵר Proverbs 15:22 +; construct לְהָפֵר 2 Samuel 17:14 +, לְהָפֵיר Zechariah 11:10, suffix לְהַפְרְכֶם Leviticus 26:15 (Ges§ 67dd); Participle מֵפֵר Isaiah 44:25; Job 5:12; —

1 break, violate, especially with accusative בְּרִית:

a. of ׳י Judges 2:1; Jeremiah 14:21; Leviticus 26:44; Zechariah 11:10.

b. of men violating covenant with׳י Jeremiah 11:10; Jeremiah 31:32; Deuteronomy 31:16,20; Leviticus 26:15; Ezekiel 44:7; Genesis 17:14; Isaiah 24:5 compare Jeremiah 33:20.

c. of men breaking compact, league (with men), Isaiah 33:8; 1 Kings 15:19 2 Chronicles 16:3; Ezekiel 17:15,16,18,19.

d. of destroying the אַחֲוָה between Judah and Israel Zechariah 11:14.

e. of breaking׳י s מִצְוָה Numbers 15:31; Ezra 9:14, תּוֺרָה Psalm 119:126.

2 frustrate, make ineffectual::

a. counsel (עֵצָה) 2 Samuel 15:34; 2 Samuel 17:14; Ezra 4:5; ׳י subject Nehemiah 4:9; Psalm 33:10; of man frustrating ׳י s counsel Isaiah 14:27, Song of Solomon , with accusative מִשְׁמָּט Job 40:8; with accusative מַחֲשָׁבוֺת in General, of men Proverbs 15:22, ׳י subject Job 15:12 Song of Solomon , with accusative אֹתוֺת Isaiah 44:25.

b. make vow (נֶדֶר) ineffectual, annul it Numbers 30:9; Numbers 30:14 (opposed to חֵקִים), Numbers 30:13, also (Imperfect + Infinitive absolute) Numbers 30:13,16.

c. of annulling (godly) fear Job 15:4 חַסְדִּי לֹא אָפִיר מֵעִמּוֺ, Psalm 89:34 read probably אָסִיר Ol Che Bae and others; הָפֵר כַּעַסְךָ Psalm 85:4 (read הָסֵרᵐ5 Bi Che).

d. וְתָפֵר הָאֲבֵיּוֺנָה Ecclesiastes 12:5 is dubious: De Wild and others fails (to excite [? וְתֻפַר

Hoph`al is made ineffectual]); Ew bursts (Siegf וְתֻפַר); but caper-berry not dehiscent (Post Flora of Syr. 106 ff.); M'Lean-Dyer Ency. Bid. 696.): Post Letter, July 28,1901 breaks up (by shrivelling), figurative of failing sexual power; Aq from פרה bear fruit (compare GFM JBL x (1891), 60); Perles Anal. 30 וְתִפְרַח.

Hoph`al Imperfect

1 be frustratred, 3 feminine singular וְתֻפָ֑ר Isaiah 8:10 (of עֵצָה).

2 be broken, of covenant, 3 feminine singular תֻּפַר Jeremiah 33:21; וִתֻּפַר Zechariah 11:11; so Isaiah 28:18 (read וְתֻפַר for וְכֻמַּר, see ׳כ).

Pilpel Imperfect 3 masculine singular suffix וַיְפַרְמְּרֵנִי Job 16:12 he hath shattered me.

II. [מָּרַר] verb split, divide (so Psalm 74:13 seems to require [but √ פור SS is possible], compare Arabic split, tear, rend; perhaps = I.; > Buhl Lex. shake, quike, citing Arabic shake Aramaic אִתְמַּרְמַּר, , compare Late Hebrew מִּרְמֵּר); —

Qal Infinitive absolute +

Hithpo`el. Perfect 3 feminine singular מּוֺר הִתְמּוֺרְרָה אֶרֶץ Isaiah 24:19 split or cracked through is the earth (Che Heb.Hpt. פרוק התפרקה).

Po`êl Perfect 2 masculine singular מּוֺרַרְתָּ Psalm 74:13 thou [׳י] didst divide the sea.

III. פרר (√ of following; compare Late Hebrew מַּרמָּרָה = Biblical Hebrew; Arabic young of ewe, cow, or goat; Syriac ewe (compare Nö ZMG xl (1886), 734), and so Assyrian parru, according to Jen and Zim ZA iii. 202).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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