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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5570 KJV: Hassenaah, Senaah    NAS: Senaah, Hassenaah    HCS: Senaah's, of Hassenaah
senâ'âh sen-aw-aw'
5618 KJV: Sophereth    NAS: Hassophereth, Sophereth    HCS: Sophereth's, Hassophereth's
sôphereth so-feh'-reth
5863 KJV: Ijeabarim    NAS: Iyeabarim, Iye-abarim    HCS: Iye-abarim
‛iyêy hâ‛ăbârı̂ym yay' haw-ab-aw-reem'
5875 KJV: Enhakkore    NAS: En-hakkore    HCS: En-hakkore
‛êyn haqqôrê' ane hak-ko-ray'
6190 KJV: foreskin, uncircumcised    NAS: forbidden, foreskins, foreskin, uncircumcised, Gibeath-haaraloth    HCS: foreskin, foreskins, yet uncircumcised, *, an uncircumcised, the foreskin
‛orlâh or-law'
6367 KJV: Pihahiroth    NAS: Hahiroth, Pi-hahiroth    HCS: Pi-hahiroth, of Pi-hahiroth
pı̂y hachirôth pee hah-khee-roth'
6380 KJV: Pochereth of Zebaim    NAS: Pochereth-hazzebaim    HCS: hazzebaim's
pôkereth tsebâyı̂ym po-keh'-reth tseb-aw-yeem'
6483 KJV: Aphses    NAS: Happizzez, shaken me to pieces, shatters, shattered
pitstsêts pits-tsates'
6637 KJV: Zobebah    NAS: Zobebah    HCS: Zobebah
tsôbêbâh tso-bay-baw'
6753 KJV: Hazelelponi    NAS: Hazzelelponi    HCS: Hazzelelponi
tselelpônı̂y tsel-el-po-nee'
6890 KJV: Zarethshahar    NAS: Zereth-shahar    HCS: Zereth-shahar
tsereth hashshachar tseh'-reth hash-shakh'-ar
6914 KJV: Kibrothhattaavah    NAS: Kibroth-hattaavah    HCS: Kibroth-hattaavah
qibrôth hatta'ăvâh kib-roth' hat-tah-av-aw'
6976 KJV: Coz, Hakkoz, Koz    NAS: Hakkoz, Koz    HCS: of Hakkoz, Hakkoz, Koz
qôts kotse
6997 KJV: Hakkatan    NAS: Hakkatan
qâṭân kaw-tawn'
7163 KJV: Kerenhappuch    NAS: Keren-happuch, Karnaim    HCS: Keren-happuch
qeren happûk keh'-ren hap-pook'
7204 KJV: Haroeh    NAS: Haroeh
rô'êh ro-ay'
7235 KJV: store, multiply, increase, many, abundance, great, greater, misc, long, much, exceedingly, more    NAS: heap, multiplied, larger, many, made many, grow, excessively, made their numerous, grew, boast, wealth, abundance, bitterly, gave numerous, increased, continued, provided in abundance, make more, risen, considerable, enlarge, much, abundantly, reared, increases, use much, had gathered much, large, greatly multiply, often, greatly, give many, more, amounts, archer, multiply, much more, makes me great, surpassed, take more, very, grow...numerous, lavished, ask, became...numerous, greater, continue, numerous, give great, plenty, make many, more he made, long, great, had many, increase, abundant, many which increase, profited, repeatedly, thoroughly, became many, multiplies, outnumber, pay more, give more, serious    HCS: a large quantity of, more numerous, You multiplied, many, on many, excessively, You make, I will greatly multiply, extend, of many, the more they multiplied, you should take more, increased, use a great amount of, are higher than, He will freely, much, be persuaded by lavish, Many, He has multiplied, He continues, sent many, is great, granted many, a lot, will multiply, Wash away, to him who amasses, often, you offer countless, you extended, person who gathered a lot, they multiply, they will be as numerous, plentiful, very, innumerable, Multiply, Whoever increases, in abundance, a great amount of, in such abundance, will become too numerous, may be many, with plenty of, a great supply of, *, they once were, they had many, had increased, they increase, ve committed a grave, a great quantity of, be excessively, Gather, abundant, too much, acquire many, multiplies, is greater, there is so much, a long, has so multiplied, multiplied, larger, An abundance, Increase, the more he increased, is enormous, multiplying, boast, went by, an archer, He will greatly, do many, enrich, were numerous, grow large, you multiply, I lavished, reared, she reared, you have increased, they will multiply, They had many, huge quantities of, increases, so much, exalts, more, I will multiply, become as numerous, has thoroughly, is too great, multiply, I will fill, even more, will be many, a large number of, He often, and grow up, she continued, things increase, was greater, as numerous, a high, sing many, they will increase, numerous, will increase, You are to increase, a great deal of, You will increase, and multiply, terribly, a great, great, flourish, I will intensify, You have enlarged, she multiplied, may be multiplied, Pile on, increase, gave liberally, You have multiplied, have many, give more, large amounts, would have been much greater, the many, You grew up
râbâh raw-baw'
7434 KJV: Ramathmizpeh    NAS: Ramath-mizpeh
râmath hammitspeh raw-math' ham-mits-peh'
8143 KJV: ivory    NAS: ivory    HCS: ivory
shenhabbı̂ym shen-hab-beem'
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