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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1906 KJV: sounding again    NAS: joyful shouting
hêd hade'
1907 KJV: counsellor    NAS: counselors, high officials    HCS: advisers
haddâbâr had-daw-bawr'
1908 KJV: Hadad    NAS: Hadad    HCS: Hadad, At the time Hadad
hădad had-ad'
1909 KJV: Hadadezer    NAS: Hadadezer    HCS: Hadadezer's, and Hadadezer, of Hadadezer's, carried by Hadadezer's, who were Hadadezer's, Hadadezer, of Hadadezer
hădad‛ezer had-ad-eh'-zer
1910 KJV: Hadadrimmon    NAS: Hadadrimmon    HCS: of Hadad-rimmon
hădadrimmôn had-ad-rim-mone'
1911 KJV: put    NAS: put    HCS: will put
hâdâh haw-daw'
1912 KJV: India    NAS: India    HCS: India
hôdû ho'-doo
1913 KJV: Hadoram    NAS: Hadoram    HCS: Hadoram
hădôrâm, hădôrâm had-o-rawm', had-o-rawm'
1914 KJV: Hiddai    NAS: Hiddai    HCS: Hiddai
hidday hid-dah'ee
1915 KJV: tread down    NAS: tread down    HCS: trample
hâdak haw-dak'
1916 KJV: footstool + (07272)    NAS: footstool    HCS: footstool, a footstool
hădôm had-ome'
1917 KJV: pieces    NAS: limb    HCS: torn limb, will be torn limb
haddâm had-dawm'
1918 KJV: myrtle, myrtle tree    NAS: myrtle trees, myrtle    HCS: myrtles, myrtle, myrtle trees, a myrtle
hădas had-as'
1919 KJV: Hadassah    NAS: Hadassah    HCS: Hadassah
hădassâh had-as-saw'
1920 KJV: cast out, drive, expel, cast away, thrust away, Thrust    NAS: driving, thrust, pushed, thrust them down, push, depose, push her away, driven, reject    HCS: out, He denies, back, you have pushed, I will remove, pushes, away, is driven, down, driving out
hâdaph haw-daf'
1921 KJV: put forth, crooked places, countenance, glorious, honour    NAS: majestic, claim honor, partial, honor, defer, rough places, respected    HCS: the uneven places, One who is splendid, *, honor, brag about yourself, give preference, show favoritism
hâdar haw-dar'
1922 KJV: glorified, honour    NAS: glorified, honored, honor    HCS: glorified, glorify
hădar had-ar'
1923 KJV: majesty, honour    NAS: majesty    HCS: majestic, majesty
hădar had-ar'
1924 KJV: Hadar    NAS: Hadar    HCS: Hadar
hădar had-ar'
1925 KJV: glory    NAS: Jewel    HCS: for the glory
heder heh'-der
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