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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3828 KJV: incense, frankincense    NAS: incense, frankincense    HCS: incense, of frankincense, is frankincense, one offers incense, frankincense
lebônâh, lebônâh leb-o-naw', leb-o-naw'
3829 KJV: Lebonah    NAS: Lebonah    HCS: Lebonah
lebônâh leb-o-naw'
3830 KJV: clothing, vestments, put on, apparel, clothed, garment, raiment, vesture    NAS: garments, robe, clothing, attire, dressed, robes, apparel, armor, clothed, garment    HCS: are doubly clothed, clothing, of clothing, the garments, clothes, anyone wearing, covering, garments, dressed, the folds of a garment, apparel, clothed, garment, covered, of the man clothed, wore
lebûsh, lebûsh leb-oosh', leb-oosh'
3831 KJV: garment    NAS: clothes, vesture    HCS: clothing, other clothes
lebûsh leb-oosh'
3832 KJV: fall    NAS: ruined    HCS: will be destroyed, are doomed
lâbaṭ law-bat'
3833 KJV: lion, lioness, young, old lion, great lion, stout lion    NAS: lion, lioness, lions, lionesses    HCS: a lion, A lioness, lions, and lioness, of the lioness, of a lioness, lion's, a lioness, lionesses, of lioness
lâbı̂y', lebı̂yâ', lebâ'ı̂ym, lebâ'ôth law-bee' leb-ee-yaw' leb-aw-eem' (-oth')
3834 KJV: cakes    NAS: cakes    HCS: *, of cakes, cakes
lâbı̂ybâh, lebibâh law-bee-baw', leb-ee-baw'
3835 KJV: make, make white, make brick, be whiter, be white    NAS: purified, white, make brick, make them pure, whiter, make bricks, making brick, become white    HCS: cleansed, bricks, have turned white, I will be whiter, they will be as white, making bricks, of bricks
lâban law-ban'
3836 KJV: white    NAS: white ones, white    HCS: there is a white, is white, had any white, white, reddish-white, is reddish-white, a white, a reddish-white, are whiter, was white, has white
lâbân, lâbên law-bawn', law-bane'
3837 KJV: Laban    NAS: Laban's, Laban    HCS: of Laban, Laban's, what Laban's, of Laban's, him, his, from Laban's, Laban
lâbân law-bawn'
3838 KJV: Lebana, Lebanah    NAS: Lebana, Lebanah    HCS: Lebanah's
lebânâ', lebânâh leb-aw-naw', leb-aw-naw'
3839 KJV: poplar    NAS: poplar    HCS: poplars, poplar
libneh lib-neh'
3840 KJV: paved
libnâh lib-naw'
3841 KJV: Libnah    NAS: Libnah    HCS: to Libnah, Libnah, Libnah, of Libnah
libnâh lib-naw'
3842 KJV: moon    NAS: full moon, moon    HCS: *, moon
lebânâh leb-aw-naw'
3843 KJV: brick, tile    NAS: brick, bricks, pavement    HCS: brick, *, bricks, The bricks, of bricks, a brick, a pavement
lebênâh leb-ay-naw'
3844 KJV: Lebanon    NAS: Lebanon    HCS: to Lebanon, I made Lebanon, Lebanon, cedars of Lebanon, from Lebanon, He makes Lebanon, forest of Lebanon, of Lebanon, against Lebanon, Lebanese
lebânôn leb-aw-nohn'
3845 KJV: Libni    NAS: Libni    HCS: Libnite, Libni
libnı̂y lib-nee'
3846 KJV: Libnites    NAS: Leb-kamai, Libnites    HCS: Libnite
libnı̂y lib-nee'
3847 KJV: clothe, put on, clothed them, apparel, put, apparelled, came upon, array, wear, variant, came, armed    NAS: clothe yourself, putting, clothe, put, array, dressed, apparel, attired, clothed, wear, put on clothing, arrayed, clothe yourselves, worn, came, gave them clothes, dress    HCS: be clothed, he wore, is clothed, He wore, I clothed, put on, he wears, I will clothe, on, You are clothed, He is to wear, and clothe, I dress, They clothed, will clothe, dressed, it enveloped, they must wear, Put on, You clothed, to put on, they clothed, She put, Have them clothe, He put on, provided clothes, wore, dress, He is robed, He will put on, clothe, Clothe, took control of, back on, you dress, He clothed, He has clothed, by putting on, Do you adorn, You put on clothes, is robed, you will wear, dressed up, They will clothe, must wear, has worn, is to put on, clothed, are clothed, wear, who are dressed, who clothed, will be clothed, provide, They are to put on, will wear
lâbash, lâbêsh law-bash', law-bashe'
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