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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3981 KJV: forces    NAS: forces    HCS: your physical exertion
ma'ămâts mah-am-awts'
3982 KJV: commandment, decree    NAS: what, command    HCS: orders, command
ma'ămar mah-am-ar'
3983 KJV: appointment, word    NAS: request, command    HCS: is a command, requested
mê'mar may-mar'
3984 KJV: vessel    NAS: utensils, vessels    HCS: articles, vessels
mâ'n mawn
3985 KJV: utterly, refuse    NAS: refuses, absolutely refuses, refused, refusing, refuse    HCS: refuses, will you refuse, *, He refused, refusing, has refused, They refused, Asahel refused, refuse, you refused, they refused, and they refused, you refuse, refused, he refuses, and refuse, but they refused, they refuse, he refused, absolutely refuses
mâ'ên maw-ane'
3986 KJV: refuse    NAS: refuse    HCS: refuse
mâ'ên maw-ane'
3987 KJV: refuse    NAS: who refuse    HCS: who refuse
mê'ên may-ane'
3988 KJV: abhor, become loathsome, misc, melt away, reject, despise, refuse    NAS: waste away, abhorred, completely rejected, reprobate, retract, despised, flow, cast away, refuse, rejects, despises, rejected, despising, cast them away, runs, utterly rejected, disdained, reject, despise, cast off    HCS: you despised, He rejected, They have rejected, her people have rejected, you have rejected, They rejected, You have completely rejected, They will vanish, to reject, despises, rejected, I despise, have rejected, you reject, they rejected, I have rejected, I have dismissed, Have You completely rejected, despise, I take back, scorn, *, He despises, has rejected, despised, she is rejected, They despised, I give up, will reject, they have rejected, the sword despises, who refuses, you rejected, oozes, I will reject, the one rejected, He has rejected, I renounce, I would have refused, reject, of you will reject
mâ'as maw-as'
3989 KJV: baken    NAS: baked    HCS: baked
ma'ăpheh mah-af-eh'
3990 KJV: darkness    NAS: darkness    HCS: darkness
ma'ăphêl mah-af-ale'
3991 KJV: darkness    NAS: thick darkness    HCS: of dense darkness
ma'ăphêleyâh mah-af-ay-leh-yaw'
3992 KJV: pricking, fretting    NAS: prickling, malignancy, malignant    HCS: is harmful, prickly
mâ'ar maw-ar'
3993 KJV: ambushment, lurking place, lie in wait    NAS: ambush, lurking places    HCS: ambush site, ambush
ma'ărâb mah-ar-awb'
3994 KJV: cursing, curse    NAS: curses, curse    HCS: curses, curse
me'êrâh meh-ay-raw'
3995 KJV: separate cities    NAS: set apart    HCS: set apart
mibdâlâh mib-daw-law'
3996 KJV: entry, come, west, entrance, enter, westward, variant, going down, in    NAS: entry, come, sunset, west, setting, entrance, enter, place of its setting    HCS: western, when to set, at the main entrance, setting, entrance, an army entering, how to get into, *, west, the way, entryway, the entrance, westward
mâbô' maw-bo'
3997 KJV: entry
mebô'âh meb-o-aw'
3998 KJV: perplexity    NAS: confusion    HCS: confusion, panic
mebûkâh meb-oo-kaw'
3999 KJV: flood    NAS: flood    HCS: flood, a flood
mabbûl mab-bool'
4000 KJV: that taught
mâbôn maw-bone'
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