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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3848 KJV: clothed    NAS: clothed    HCS: will be clothed, they clothed, you will be clothed
lebash leb-ash'
3849 KJV: log    NAS: log    HCS: third quart, third of a quart
lôg lohg
3850 KJV: Lod    NAS: Lod    HCS: Lod's, Lod
lôd lode
3851 KJV: bright, flame, glittering, blade    NAS: flame, flames, flashing, blade    HCS: flame, flames, along with a flashing, flushed, it, flashing, a flame, blade
lahab lah'-hab
3852 KJV: flame, head, flaming    NAS: head, flame, flames, blazing, blazing flame, flaming    HCS: flame, flames, a burning flame, a flaming, *, of the flame, a flame, in the flame, the flame, point, a flame
lehâbâh, lahebeth leh-aw-baw', lah-eh'-beth
3853 KJV: Lehabim    NAS: Lehab, Lehabim    HCS: Lehabim
lehâbı̂ym leh-haw-beem'
3854 KJV: study    NAS: excessive devotion    HCS: study
lahag lah'-hag
3855 KJV: Lahad    NAS: Lahad    HCS: Lahad
lahad lah'-had
3857 KJV: burn, burn up, flaming, kindle, set on fire    NAS: kindles, aflame, sets the on fire, set him aflame, consumed, flaming, sets on fire, burns, breathe forth fire, set them ablaze, burned    HCS: have devoured, burns up, flames, consumed, devours, with those who devour, will consume, blazes, ablaze, with fire, scorches
lâhaṭ law-hat'
3858 KJV: enchantment, flaming    NAS: madman, flaming    HCS: occult practices, the flaming
lahaṭ lah'-hat
3859 KJV: wounds    NAS: dainty morsels    HCS: choice food
lâham law-ham'
3861 KJV: save, wherefore, therefore, except, but    NAS: therefore, besides, unless, except    HCS: So, Therefore, unless, But, but, except
lâhên law-hane'
3862 KJV: company    NAS: company    HCS: the group
lahăqâh lah-hak-aw'
3863 KJV: Though, peradventure, would, if haply, O that, if, would it might be, pray thee, would God, Oh that, Oh    NAS: would, if, please, if only, Oh    HCS:
lû', lû', lû loo, loo, loo
3864 KJV: Libyan, Lubim    NAS: Libya, Libyans, Lubim    HCS: Libyans, Libya, Libyans, The Libyans
lûbı̂y, lûbbı̂y loo-bee', loob-bee'
3865 KJV: Lud, Lydia    NAS: Lud    HCS: Lud
lûd lood
3866 KJV: Lydians, Ludim    NAS: Lydians, Ludim, people of Lud    HCS: Ludim, the Ludim
lûdı̂y, lûdı̂yı̂y loo-dee', loo-dee-ee'
3867 KJV: borrower, lender, join, borrow, lend, lender + (0376), abide, cleave    NAS: stand, joined, join, lender like the borrower, lends, allied, borrow, lend, borrowed, borrower becomes the lender's, borrows, become attached    HCS: who has joined, the lender, You will lend, lend, They are to join, will become attached, who join, has joined, others will join, the borrower, will accompany, We have borrowed, borrower, who lends, lender, man borrows, join, who joined, He will lend, is a loan, they may join, borrow, always lending, you lend, will join
lâvâh law-vaw'
3868 KJV: perverse, froward, perverseness, depart    NAS: devious, depart, guile, vanish    HCS: are devious, deceit, the one who is devious, the devious, lose
lûz looz
3869 KJV: hazel    NAS: almond    HCS: almond
lûz looz
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