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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4001 KJV: tread under foot, tread down    NAS: oppressive, subjugation    HCS: a powerful, trampling
mebûsâh meb-oo-saw'
4002 KJV: spring, fountain    NAS: well, springs    HCS: spring, springs
mabbûa‛ mab-boo'-ah
4003 KJV: void    NAS: desolate    HCS: decimation
mebûqâh meb-oo-kah'
4004 KJV: choice    NAS: choice    HCS: choice
mibchôr mib-khore'
4005 KJV: chosen, choicest, choice    NAS: choice men, choicest, choice    HCS: the choice, it with choice, the elite, were the elite, finest, best, the choicest, choice, the best, select
mibchâr mib-khawr'
4006 KJV: Mibhar    NAS: Mibhar    HCS: Mibhar
mibchâr mib-khawr'
4007 KJV: expectation    NAS: hope, expectation    HCS: hope, relied on
mabbâṭ, mebbâṭ mab-bawt', meb-bawt'
4008 KJV: uttered    NAS: rash statement    HCS: the rash commitment
mibṭâ' mib-taw'
4009 KJV: trust, sure, hope, confidence    NAS: who are the trust, which they trust, security, trust, secure, confidence, whom you trust    HCS: safe, secure, trust, trusted, the security, an object of trust, confidence, trusts, the hope, Trusting
mibṭâch mib-tawkh'
4010 KJV: comfort myself    NAS: healing    HCS: joy
mablı̂ygı̂yth mab-leeg-eeth'
4011 KJV: frame    NAS: structure    HCS: slope was a structure
mibneh mib-neh'
4012 KJV: Mebunnai    NAS: Mebunnai    HCS: Mebunnai
mebûnnay meb-oon-nah'ee
4013 KJV: fortress, defenced, strong, hold, fenced    NAS: fortified cities, well-fortified, fortress, strongest, fortified city, besieged, strongholds, fortifications, fortresses, fortified, tester    HCS: fortified cities, fortress, to the fortified, a well-fortified, the strongest fortresses, fortifications, as fortified, The fortified, a fortified, fortified, fortresses, the fortified cities, The fortress, far as the fortified, a refiner, the stronghold, the fortified, to the fortress
mibtsâr, mibtsârâh mib-tsawr', mib-tsaw-raw'
4014 KJV: Mibzar    NAS: Mibzar    HCS: Mibzar
mibtsâr mib-tsawr'
4015 KJV: fugitives    HCS: the fugitives
mibrâch mib-rawkh'
4016 KJV: secrets    NAS: genitals    HCS: genitals
mâbûsh maw-boosh'
4017 KJV: Mibsam    NAS: Mibsam    HCS: Mibsam
mibśâm mib-sawm'
4018 KJV: boiling places    NAS: boiling places    HCS: ovens
mebashelâh meb-ash-shel-aw'
4019 KJV: Magbish    NAS: Magbish    HCS: Magbish's
magbı̂ysh mag-beesh'
4020 KJV: ends    NAS: twisted    HCS: of braided
migbâlâh mig-baw-law'
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