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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1946 KJV: came, brought again, go up, go    HCS: may go, was sent, They are to be brought, go, those who walk
hûk hook
1947 KJV: madness    NAS: madness, insanity    HCS: madness, is madness
hôlêlâh ho-lay-law'
1948 KJV: madness    NAS: madness    HCS: madness
hôlêlûth ho-lay-looth'
1949 KJV: moved, make a noise, rang again, destroy    NAS: uproar, noisy, throw, surely distracted, stirred, resounded    HCS: It will be noisy, has been in an uproar, was excited, in turmoil, shook
hûm hoom
1950 KJV: Homam    NAS: Hemam, Homam    HCS: Homam
hômâm ho-mawm'
1951 KJV: ready    NAS: regarded it as easy    HCS: thought it would be easy
hûn hoon
1952 KJV: substance, nought, enough, rich, wealth    NAS: cheaply, substance, possession, enough, wealth, riches    HCS: s wealth, profit, wealth, riches, treasure, his wealth, Wealth, possessions, Enough, the wealth, property
hôn hone
1953 KJV: Hoshama    NAS: Hoshama    HCS: Hoshama
hôshâmâ‛ ho-shaw-maw'
1954 KJV: Oshea, Hosea, Hoshea    NAS: Joshua, Hosea, Hoshea    HCS: Hoshea, Hosea, Joshua, him, Hoshea's
hôshêa‛ ho-shay'-ah
1955 KJV: Hoshaiah    NAS: Hoshaiah    HCS: Hoshaiah, of Hoshaiah
hôsha‛yâh ho-shah-yaw'
1956 KJV: Hothir    NAS: Hothir, assail    HCS: Hothir
hôthı̂yr ho-theer'
1957 KJV: sleeping    NAS: dreamers    HCS: they dream
hâzâh haw-zaw'
1958 KJV: woe    NAS: woe    HCS: woe
hı̂y he
1959 KJV: shout    NAS: shouts, shouting, shouting will not be shouts, shout    HCS: The shouting, the victory song, with shouts of joy, with a shout, Triumphant shouts, a shout of joy, to the shouting
hêydâd hay-dawd'
1960 KJV: thanksgiving    NAS: songs of thanksgiving    HCS: the praise songs
hûyedâh hoo-yed-aw'
1962 KJV: calamity
hayâh hah-yaw'
1963 KJV: how    NAS: how    HCS: How
hêyk hake
1964 KJV: temple, palace    NAS: court, nave, temple, palace, palaces, temples    HCS: tabernacle, great hall, palace, palaces, a temple, the temple, of the temple, in the palace, temple, the palace, the tabernacle, the temple, is the temple, sanctuary, temples
hêykâl hay-kawl'
1965 KJV: temple, palace    NAS: temple, palace    HCS: palace, temple, king, roof of the royal palace
hêykal hay-kal'
1966 KJV: Lucifer    NAS: star of the morning    HCS: Shining morning star
hêylêl hay-lale'
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