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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3870 KJV: Luz    NAS: Luz    HCS: Luz, of Luz
lûz looz
3871 KJV: tables, plates, boards    NAS: plates, planks, tablet, tablets    HCS: a tablet, plates, the tablet, *, planks, with boards, the tablets, planking, tablets
lûach, lûach loo'-akh, loo'-akh
3872 KJV: Luhith    NAS: Luhith    HCS: to Luhith, of Luhith
lûchı̂yth, lûchôth loo-kheeth', loo-khoth'
3874 KJV: cast, wrapped    NAS: wrapped    HCS: wrapped, burial shroud, he wrapped
lûṭ loot
3875 KJV: covering    NAS: covering    HCS: shroud
lôṭ lote
3876 KJV: Lot    NAS: lot, Lot's    HCS: Lot, of Lot's, of Lot, urged Lot
lôṭ lote
3877 KJV: Lotan    NAS: Lotan's, Lotan    HCS: of Lotan, Lotan's, Lotan, was Lotan's
lôṭân lo-tawn'
3878 KJV: Levi    NAS: Levi, Levi's    HCS: Levi, *, of Levi's, Levite, Levites, Levi's, of Levi, a Levite
lêvı̂y lay-vee'
3879 KJV: Levite    NAS: Levites    HCS: Levites
lêvı̂y lay-vee'
3880 KJV: ornament    NAS: garland, wreath    HCS: a garland, will be a garland
livyâh liv-yaw'
3881 KJV: Levite    NAS: Levitical, Levites, Levites', Levite    HCS: the Levites, who were Levites, Levi, *, of Levites, were the Levite, Levite, Levitical, Levites, Levi's, and Levites, of Levi, were Levites, am a Levite, a Levite
lêvı̂yı̂y, lêvı̂y lay-vee-ee', lay-vee'
3882 KJV: leviathan    NAS: Leviathan    HCS: and Leviathan, of Leviathan, Leviathan, mdash; Leviathan
livyâthân liv-yaw-thawn'
3883 KJV: winding stair    NAS: winding stairs    HCS: a stairway
lûl lool
3884 KJV: had not, If, were it not, except, unless, were it not that    NAS: unless, if, loops    HCS: had not, *, If you hadn't, if I had not
lûlê', lûlêy loo-lay', loo-lay'
3885 KJV: left, remain, endure, dwell, lodge, tarry, lodge in, murmur, variant, ... the night, lie, continue, abide, grudge    NAS: spend the night, remain, remain overnight, growl, dwell, left over, lies all night, spend, grumble, grumbling, making, lodges, hang all night, remain with you all night, spent the night, pass, endure, lodge, night, last, grumbled, lodged, gazes, abide, spent, sleep    HCS: had to spend the night, one will sleep at night, spend the night, will be at home, must gaze, He spent, spending the night, spending nights, overnight, and spend the night, stayed, I will live, you have complained, to stay overnight, once dwelt, grumbled, I would stay, you complain, Spend the night, you will camp for the night, remain, will live, spent the nights, are raising, dwells, they spend the night, *, is to remain, to complain, spend, you live, that keeps complaining, you should complain, will remain, complained, They spent the night, spent the night, where it spends the night, you spend, they growl, Spend, Stay, s spend the night, last, resides, will you harbor, may spend, camped, all night, It will stay, camping, remained, concerns, Would it spend the night, will roost, We would rather spend the night, spent
lûn, lı̂yn loon, leen
3886 KJV: swallowed up, swallowed down    NAS: been rash, say rashly, swallow    HCS: something rashly, are rash
lûa‛ loo'-ah
3887 KJV: scorner, mocker, mock, interpreter, scorn, scornful, teachers, ambassadors, derision    HCS: mockers, you mock, the scorner, How long will you mockers, scoff, of mockers, the ambassadors, interpreter, mock, A mocker, Mocker, ridicule, mocks, mediators, mediator, a mocker, is a mocker, who mock
lûts loots
3888 KJV: knead    NAS: knead, kneaded, kneading    HCS: knead, the kneading, Knead, kneaded
lûsh loosh
3889 KJV: Laish
lûsh loosh
3890 KJV: thee
levâth lev-awth'
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