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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4021 KJV: bonnet    NAS: caps    HCS: headbands
migbâ‛âh mig-baw-aw'
4022 KJV: pleasant, precious things, precious fruit    NAS: fruits, choice, choice things    HCS: the choice gifts, bounty, the bountiful, the bounty, choicest, delicacy, the abundant
meged meh'-ghed
4023 KJV: Megiddo, Megiddon    NAS: Megiddo, tower    HCS: Megiddo, of Megiddo, to Megiddo
megiddôn, megiddô meg-id-done', meg-id-do'
4024 KJV: variant, tower, Migdol    NAS: Migdol    HCS: He is a tower, Migdol
migdôl, migdôl mig-dole', mig-dole'
4025 KJV: Magdiel    NAS: Magdiel    HCS: Magdiel
magdı̂y'êl mag-dee-ale'
4026 KJV: flowers, tower, pulpit, castles    NAS: Tower, banks, tower, podium, towers, watchtower    HCS: our defenses, and the Tower, the Tower, tower, a tower, the tower, the towers, from the Tower, song3>towers, platform, towers, its, fortresses, watchtower, well as to the Tower
migdâl, migdâlâh mig-dawl', mig-daw-law'
4027 KJV: Migdalel    NAS: Migdal-el    HCS: Migdal-el
migdal-'êl mig-dal-ale'
4028 KJV: Migdalgad    NAS: Migdal-gad    HCS: Migdal-gad
migdal-gâd mig-dal-gawd'
4029 KJV: Edar, syn reading "tower of the flock"    NAS: tower of Eder    HCS: the Tower of Eder, watchtower for the flock
migdal-‛êder mig-dal'-ay'-der
4030 KJV: presents, precious things    NAS: choice presents, precious things, valuables    HCS: valuable things, precious gifts, valuable gifts, valuables
migdânâh mig-daw-naw'
4031 KJV: Magog    NAS: Magog    HCS: of Magog, Magog
mâgôg maw-gogue'
4032 KJV: fear, terror    NAS: terror, terrors, panic    HCS: a terror, attackers, fear, terror, Magor-missabib, Terror
mâgôr, mâgûr maw-gore', maw-goor'
4033 KJV: dwellings, pilgrimage, sojourn, to be a stranger    NAS: pilgrimage, where he sojourned, sojournings, where...had sojourned, where they sojourned, dwelling, where they sojourn, sojourning    HCS: live as foreign residents, he used to live, pilgrimage, live as a foreigner, stayed, are residing, homes, pilgrimages, had stayed
mâgûr, mâgûr maw-goor', maw-goor'
4034 KJV: fear    NAS: what fears, what they dread, fears    HCS: dread, dreads, fears
megôrâh meg-o-raw'
4035 KJV: fear, barn    NAS: barn    HCS: granary
megûrâh meg-oo-raw'
4036 KJV: Magormissabib    NAS: Magor-missabib
mâgôr missâbı̂yb maw-gore' mis-saw-beeb'
4037 KJV: axe    NAS: axes    HCS: axes
magzêrâh mag-zay-raw'
4038 KJV: sickle    NAS: sickle    HCS: the sickle
maggâl mag-gawl'
4039 KJV: volume, roll    NAS: scroll    HCS: a scroll, scroll, the volume
megillâh meg-il-law'
4040 KJV: roll    NAS: scroll    HCS: that a scroll
megillâh meg-il-law'
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