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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4933 KJV: booty, spoil    NAS: plunder, spoil    HCS: *, plunder, and loot, spoil
meshissâh mesh-is-saw'
4934 KJV: path    NAS: narrow path    HCS: a narrow passage
mish‛ôl mish-ole'
4935 KJV: supple    NAS: cleansing    HCS: clean
mish‛ı̂y mish-ee'
4936 KJV: Misham    NAS: Misham    HCS: Misham
mish‛âm mish-awm'
4937 KJV: stay    NAS: support, supply, stay    HCS: support, every kind of security, supply
mish‛ên, mish‛ân mish-ane', mish-awn'
4938 KJV: stave, staff    NAS: support, staffs, staff    HCS: a staff, of a staff, with a staff, staffs, staff, *
mish‛ênâh, mish‛eneth mish-ay-naw', mish-eh'-neth
4939 KJV: oppression    NAS: bloodshed    HCS: injustice
miśpâch mis-pawkh'
4940 KJV: families, kinds, kindred    NAS: relatives, every family, tribes, families, clan, kinds, family    HCS: nation, the clan, The clans, the clans, *, clans, the families, every family, a clan, groups, their families, of the families, are the clans, you families, the peoples, a family, family groups, the family, He had the clans, families, were the clans, of the clans, were the families, kinds, clan, family, families, the people
mishpâchâh mish-paw-khaw'
4941 KJV: ordinance, sentence, law, custom, worthy, judgment, discretion, right, order, fashion, misc, measure, cause, manner, lawful    NAS: rights, ordinance, trial, standard, destruction, judgment, regulation, practice, order, mode of life, plan, cause, injustice, sentence, decisions, due, claim, what is right, verdict, unjustly, justice, justly, matters of justice, court, way prescribed, crimes, customs, judgments, worthy, custom, rule, case, ordinances, kind, plans, arrangements, rightful place, manner, procedure, properly, judge, deserving, decision, right, judged, charge, just, sentenced, decide    HCS: ordinance, for making decisions, just decisions, judges, judgment, of judgment, the judgment, The judgment, views of justice, decisions, with crimes, regulations, what is just, claim, standards, has a case, proper procedures, the regulations, Honest, the custom, measurements, the rights, court, is Your practice, custom, about the rights, case, proper site, ordinances, execute judgment, for decisions, with justice, will, whose ordinances, the ordinances, procedure, responsibilities, judge, be righteous, decision, of justice, settlement, the cause, sort, an ordinance, specifications, receives justice, are entirely just, are judged, let justice, when deciding a case, I wish to contend, way, trial, law, Justice, My judgment, how to judge, lawsuits, regulation, is just, a judgment, order, are just, the plan, the requirements, cause, deserve, sentence, assignment, vindication, of Judgment, defense, the ordinances, what is right, verdict, in the same way, Judgment, my case, justice, the decision, justly, prescribed, the justice, a statutory, customs, judgments, commands, *, dispute, punishment, the means of decisions, specification, His judgments, share, deciding a case, this charge, the customary treatment, the judgments, just, in judgment, the case, the right, is a just
mishpâṭ mish-pawt'
4942 KJV: burden, sheepfold    NAS: sheepfolds    HCS: sheepfolds, saddlebags
mishpâth mish-pawth'
4943 KJV: steward    NAS: heir
mesheq meh'-shek
4944 KJV: running to and fro    NAS: rushing about    HCS: an infestation
mashshâq mash-shawk'
4945 KJV: butlership, watered, fat pastures, drinking, drink    NAS: well watered, cupbearers, liquid, drink, watering places, drinking, cupbearer, office    HCS: liquid, drinking, cupbearers, position as cupbearer, drink, watered pastures, was well watered, cupbearer
mashqeh mash-keh'
4946 KJV: weight    NAS: weight    HCS: weight
mishqôl mish-kole'
4947 KJV: upper door post, lintel    NAS: lintel    HCS: lintel
mashqôph mash-kofe'
4948 KJV: weigh, weight    NAS: weight, rationed amounts, full, weighed, weigh, weighing    HCS: It was the full amount, The weight, the weight, weight, and weight, *, including the weight, weighed, be weighed, weighing, that had been weighed out
mishqâl mish-kawl'
4949 KJV: plummet    NAS: plummet, level    HCS: s level
mishqeleth, mishqôleth mish-keh'-leth, mish-ko'-leth
4950 KJV: deep    NAS: clear    HCS: the clear
mishqâ‛ mish-kaw'
4951 KJV: government    NAS: government    HCS: dominion, government
miśrâh mis-raw'
4952 KJV: liquor    NAS: juice    HCS: juice
mishrâh mish-raw'
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