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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1967 KJV: Hemam    HCS: Heman
hêymâm hey-mawm'
1968 KJV: Heman    NAS: Heman    HCS: Heman's, *, Heman, were Heman
hêymân hay-mawn'
1969 KJV: hin    NAS: hin    HCS: gallon, well as a gallon, *, one gallon, a gallon, liquid measure
hı̂yn heen
1970 KJV: make strange    NAS: wrong    HCS: and you mistreat
hâkar haw-kar'
1971 KJV: show    NAS: expression    HCS: The look
hakkârâh hak-kaw-raw'
1972 KJV: cast far off    NAS: outcasts    HCS: far removed
hâlâ' haw-law'
1973 KJV: hitherto, forward, yonder, beyond, back 1 henceforth    NAS: onward, further, aside, wide, beyond, abroad    HCS: is beyond, onward, forward, *, beyond, far away, on, are beyond, afterward
hâle'âh haw-leh-aw'
1974 KJV: make merry, praise    NAS: festival, praise    HCS: as a praise offering, a celebration
hillûl hil-lool'
1975 KJV: other side + (05676), that, this    NAS: there, this    HCS: *, that, there's, is this, this
hallâz hal-lawz'
1976 KJV: this    NAS: this    HCS: that, is that
hallâzeh hal-law-zeh'
1977 KJV: this    HCS: This
hallêzû hal-lay-zoo'
1978 KJV: step    NAS: steps    HCS: feet
hâlı̂yk haw-leek'
1979 KJV: way, goings, walk, companies    NAS: ways, march, procession, travelers    HCS: advance, pathways, the procession, The traveling merchants, the activities, procession
hălı̂ykâh hal-ee-kaw'
1980 KJV: ...away, ...along, come, misc, walk, go    NAS: go to patrol, grew...continually, come, took, traveled, flow, carry, walked around, took for us to come, already gone, walking around, living, throng, went on his way, wandered, extended, steps, follow, continues...along, continued, vanished, die, walks, becoming, flows, act, steadily, going, floated, departs, access, go my way, becoming increasingly, went they could go, darting back, left, way, lead, led, depart, proceeded, march, continuing, following, walked, flowed, became greater, leads, surely go, prowl, went along continually, prowled, get away, patrolled, run, once the went forth, am, pressed heavier, moving, get, marches, resort, desires, crawls, go, brought, coming, spent, passing, move, taking, take, grow, gone, departed, travel, sprout, continually, am about, ran, went forth, passes, growing, grew, weak, went on continually, walking, fled, attended, indeed gone, grew steadily, walk, came, accompany, flowing, walks around, leave, goes, follows, disappears, followed, runs off, get rid, vagabond, set, goes to and fro, moved, spread, proceed, live, strut, brighter, went, walked back, down, swept, acting, moves, travelers, come and let us go, robber, enter, go back, came nearer, blowing, goes down, go at once, flashed, wanderings, parades, bring, stalks, go and walk, involve, return, patrol, become    HCS:
hâlak haw-lak'
1981 KJV: walk    NAS: come, go, brought, walking, walk    HCS: walking, walking around
hălak hal-ak'
1982 KJV: traveller, dropped    NAS: flow, traveler    HCS: the flow, a traveler
hêlek hay'-lek
1983 KJV: custom    NAS: toll    HCS: land tax
hălâk hal-awk'
1984 KJV: shine, marriage, celebrate, boast, renowned, foolish, mad, fools, praise, glory, commended, give, rage    NAS: makes a mad, drive madly, make its boast, go mad, acted insanely, renowned, praise, sang praises, boasts boast, deride, mad, praises, sing praises, arrogant, makes fools, glory, wedding songs, praised, giving praise, boast, flash forth, give praise, madness, shone, going mad, making fools, boasts, praising, offers praises, race madly, boasted, boastful    HCS: should boast, Praise, praised, We boast, will boast, find glory, give, boast, makes fools of, brag, will pride, shone, you will boast, Race furiously, and boast, You will praise, dash madly, It is madness, one who boasts, flashes, Give praise, I will exalt, I will honor, he gloats, some to praise, will offer praise, person into a fool, Honor, will be praised, who is worthy of praise, Let them praise, it was shining, go mad, are to praise, praising, one boasts, sing praise, who praise, The boastful, offer praise, offered praise, He acted like a madman, worship, they go mad, who boasts, praise, cannot praise, of renown, they praised, Hallelujah, go out of their minds, I will praise, be praised, will praise, praises, the praise, who boast, they ridicule, gave praise, they sang praises, I praise, do you brag, arrogant, is praised, boastful
hâlal haw-lal'
1985 KJV: Hillel    NAS: Hillel    HCS: of Hillel
hillêl hil-layl'
1986 KJV: beat down, smite, beat, overcome, break down, break    NAS: beats, overcome, struck, trampled down, smash, beat, smite    HCS: have trampled, They beat, supports the one who strikes, she hammered, Woe to those overcome, one strike, smashing, hammered
hâlam haw-lam'
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