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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4953 KJV: flute    NAS: flute    HCS: flute
mashrôqı̂y mash-ro-kee'
4954 KJV: Mishraites    NAS: Mishraites    HCS: Mishraites
mishrâ‛ı̂y mish-raw-ee'
4955 KJV: burnings    NAS: burned    HCS: the burning ceremonies, burned
miśrâphâh mis-raw-faw'
4956 KJV: Misrephothmaim    NAS: Misrephoth-maim    HCS: Misrephoth-maim
miśrephôth mayim mis-ref-ohth' mah'-yim
4957 KJV: Masrekah    NAS: Masrekah    HCS: Masrekah
maśrêqâh mas-ray-kaw'
4958 KJV: pan    NAS: pan    HCS: pan
maśrêth mas-rayth'
4959 KJV: search, grope, feel    NAS: grope, felt through, gropes, feel, felt    HCS: ve searched, that can be felt, he touched, searched, They grope, *, they grope, touches, man gropes
mâshash maw-shash'
4960 KJV: banquet, drink, feast    NAS: where they were drinking, banquets, which he drank, drank, banquet, feasting, drink, drinking, feast    HCS: where they were drinking, of banqueting, were to drink, banquets, feasts, holding a feast, feasting, drinking, drink, a banquet, to a feast, drank, a feast, where feasting, banquet, of feasting, There was a celebration, feast
mishteh mish-teh'
4961 KJV: banquet    NAS: banquet    HCS: banquet
mishteh mish-teh'
4962 KJV: small, number, friends, few + (04557), persons, men, few, with    NAS: associates, number, few men, men, few, men being few    HCS: are few, which people, best friends, only few, men, few, the men, you will be reduced to a few, the members, people, you men, put others, the people
math math
4963 KJV: straw    NAS: straw    HCS: straw
mathbên math-bane'
4964 KJV: bit, bridle    NAS: bit, bridle, control    HCS: bit, a bridle
metheg meh'-theg
4966 KJV: sweetness, sweet, sweeter    NAS: pleasant, something sweet, sweet, sweeter    HCS: is sweeter, is sweet, sweet, sweeter, thing is sweet, something sweet, as sweet
mâthôq, mâthûq maw-thoke', maw-thook'
4967 KJV: Methusael    NAS: Methushael    HCS: Methushael
methûshâ'êl meth-oo-shaw-ale'
4968 KJV: Methuselah    NAS: Methuselah    HCS: Methuselah, of Methuselah, Methuselah's
methûshelach meth-oo-sheh'-lakh
4969 KJV: spreadest them out    NAS: spreads    HCS: out
mâthach maw-thakh'
4970 KJV: when, long    NAS: when, how, long    HCS: *, How long, When, when
mâthay maw-thah'ee
4971 KJV: state, composition, measure, tale    NAS: quota, standard, proportions, specifications    HCS: formula, measurement, specifications, the same quota
mathkôneth, mathkûneth math-ko'-neth, math-koo'-neth
4972 KJV: weariness    HCS: what a nuisance
mattelâ'âh mat-tel-aw-aw'
4973 KJV: jaw teeth, cheek teeth, jaws    NAS: jaw teeth, fangs, jaws    HCS: fangs, the fangs
methalle‛âh meth-al-leh-aw'
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