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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4974 KJV: soundness, men    NAS: soundness, entire, sound    HCS: the entire, spot is uninjured, health
methôm meth-ohm'
4975 KJV: loins, side, greyhound    NAS: loins, heart, strutting, back, waist, body, herself, side, rooster, hips    HCS: loins, heart, waist, *, It came up to my waist, waists, side, the waist, you must be dressed, I, backs, hips, the loins
môthen mo'-then
4976 KJV: gift    NAS: gift, gifts    HCS: A gift, gift, who gives gifts, gifts
mattân mat-tawn'
4977 KJV: Mattan    NAS: Mattan    HCS: of Mattan, Mattan
mattân mat-tawn'
4978 KJV: gift    NAS: gifts    HCS: gifts
mattenâ' mat-ten-aw'
4979 KJV: as he is able, gifts    NAS: bribe, bribes, gift, gifts, give, bestowed    HCS: as a gift, must appear with a gift, a bribe, a gift, bribes, gifts
mattânâh mat-taw-naw'
4980 KJV: Mattanah    NAS: Mattanah    HCS: Mattanah, to Mattanah
mattânâh mat-taw-naw'
4981 KJV: Mithnite    NAS: Mithnite    HCS: Mithnite
mithnı̂y mith-nee'
4982 KJV: Mattenai    NAS: Mattenai    HCS: Mattenai
mattenay mat-ten-ah'ee
4983 KJV: Mattaniah    NAS: Mattaniah    HCS: Mattaniah, made Mattaniah, This included Mattaniah, of Mattaniah, and Mattaniah, to Mattaniah
mattanyâh, mattanyâhû mat-tan-yaw', mat-tan-yaw'-hoo
4985 KJV: sweet    NAS: gently cover, became sweet, feeds sweetly, had sweet, sweet    HCS: *, is sweet, sweet, became drinkable, feed on, tastes sweet
mâthaq maw-thak'
4986 KJV: sweetness    NAS: sweetness, sweet    HCS: pleasant, the sweetness
metheq meh'-thek
4987 KJV: sweetness    NAS: sweetness    HCS: sweetness
môtheq mo'-thek
4988 KJV: feed sweetly
mâthâq maw-thawk'
4989 KJV: Mithcah    NAS: Mithkah    HCS: Mithkah
mithqâh mith-kaw'
4990 KJV: Mithredath    NAS: Mithredath    HCS: of Mithredath, Mithredath
mithredâth mith-red-awth'
4991 KJV: reward, gift, give    NAS: reward, gift, gifts, give    HCS: the gift, a reward, is a gift, a gift
mattâth mat-tawth'
4992 KJV: Mattathah    NAS: Mattattah    HCS: Mattattah
mattattâh mat-tat-taw'
4993 KJV: Mattithiah    NAS: Mattithiah    HCS: Mattithiah, to Mattithiah, called Mattithiah
mattithyâh, mattithyâhû mat-tith-yaw', mat-tith-yaw'-hoo
5243 KJV: cut off, cut down, circumcised    HCS: withers, useless, they wither, They wither, wither away, it withers
nâmal naw-mal'
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