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Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5381 KJV: remove, reach, put, take, layeth, surely, bring, get, obtain, able, ability + (03027), get + (03027), attain, able + (01767), hold, wax rich, overtake    NAS: remove, reach, limited, put, find, overtaken, prospers, means, recovers, last until, obtain, able, insufficient, overtakes, caught, becomes sufficient, afford, reaches, within, surely overtake, attained, overtake, overtook    HCS: have overtaken, reach, you overtake, Will I overtake, *, of them ate, prospers, you will certainly overtake, The wicked displace, you can catch up with, he overtook, surpassed, will overtake, afford, I will overtake, that reaches, caught up with, overtaking, overtook, overtake, can afford, catch, will continue
nâśag naw-sag'
5439 KJV: circuits, about 24 compass, round about, about them, about us, on every side    NAS: all sides, completely, around, every direction, form, places around, environs, all, surrounding area, surrounded, round about, one surrounding, about, all around about, surrounding, around about, altogether, entirely, surrounds, circular courses, surround, all around, every side, encompassing, confines, throughout, circumference    HCS: all sides, will surround, around, encircling, song3>surrounded, for it all around, encircled, the nearby, circling, on all sides, Assemble the surrounding, surrounded, of the surrounding, were around, surrounding, surround, all around, everything, neighbors, alternate around, the surrounding, Around, alternating all around, for the structure surrounding, on every side, completely, in every direction, all the way around, *, are all around, in the vicinity of, rages around, those around, completely encircling, and all around, you surrounding, The perimeter, the cities surrounding, extended around, everywhere, who are around, cycles, the area around, the areas surrounding, surrounds, who surround, for the surrounding
sâbı̂yb, sebı̂ybâh saw-beeb', seb-ee-baw'
5533 KJV: impoverished, endangered    NAS: endangered    HCS: To one who shapes a pedestal, may be endangered
sâkan saw-kan'
5976 KJV: to be at a stand    HCS: unsteady
‛âmad aw-mad'
6206 KJV: dread, fear, terribly, terrified, break, afraid, affrighted, oppress, prevail    NAS: dread, tremble, make the tremble, shocked, stand in awe, cause, feared, cause trembling, cause terror    HCS: terrified, should be held in awe, stand in awe, you will inspire terror, feared, be terrified, Will You frighten, be afraid, terrify, afraid, may terrify
‛ârats aw-rats'
6668 KJV: fine    NAS: shiny    HCS: gleaming
tsâhab tsaw-hab'
6999 KJV: offer, offering, incense, kindle, burn, misc    NAS: offer it up in smoke, burning incense, offer, offered incense, surely burn, burning sacrifices, offer up in smoke, offer sacrifices, offered it up in smoke, burns incense, offer them up in smoke, offered up in smoke, offered sacrifices, offered, burned, perfumed, smoke, burned incense, burnt incense, burn sacrifices, burn, offering up sacrifices, offering up in smoke, burned sacrifices, burn incense, offered them up in smoke    HCS: offer, you burned incense, had burned incense, offer incense, must be burned, They presented the offerings, who are burning incense, burns incense, he burned, who were burning incense, were burning incense, will burn, burned, They have burned incense, They offer, burn incense, they burn offerings, burning offerings, must burn, to burn incense, Aaron burned, burn, he must burn, song3>scented, Offer, They burn incense, incense has been burned, was burned, They burned incense, burning up, burning incense, you must burn incense, He is to burn, *, she burned incense, is to burn, you burned, He must burn, to burn, have been burning incense, burners of incense, You are burning incense, they burned incense, he burned incense, they have burned incense, burned incense, They had burned incense, He offered, burn incense, burning, He burned, and burned incense
qâṭar kaw-tar'
7248 KJV: Rabmag    NAS: Rab-mag    HCS: the Rab-mag
rab-mâg rab-mawg'
7489 KJV: doer, evildoer, wickedly, hurt, evil, displease, wicked, break, afflict, harm, ill, misc, worse    NAS: still do wickedly, hostile, harming, doing evil, broken asunder, done very wickedly, do harm, act so wickedly, done wrong, destroyed, displease, practiced evil, afflicted, break, evildoing, prefer, harm, bring disaster, sad, do you harm, disagreeable, treated us harshly, brought harm, distressed, brought calamity, done harm, worse, treated, went hard, treat you worse, hard, displeased, evildoer, do us harm, act wickedly, broken, do...evil, displeasing, bad, work calamity, badly, damaged, do...harm, ruin, hurt, evil, smash, worthless, suffer harm, acted wickedly, evildoers, do evil, done wickedly, suffer, breaks, do my harm, grieved, treat me so badly, acted...wickedly    HCS: of wicked, mistreated, in evil, they did more evil, more wickedly, You will break, harm, to be evil, you evil, is wrong, he has caused trouble, he thought it was a mistake, sinful, against you, harm, I have injured, evildoer, is like a rotten, Can anyone smash, bad, upset, was offended, do this evil, he did more evil, will suffer harm, have been evil, are consumed, suffered, resented, you continue to do what is evil, will do more harm, harming, has destroyed, doing evil, troubled, acted very wickedly, be displeased, have You caused trouble, has afflicted, the wicked, of evil, be sad, have a stingy, it will feed on, are stingy, will harm, it will go badly, A wicked, will look grudgingly, doing what is evil, nbsp;evil, of evildoers, more evil, displeased, ll do more harm, bring harm, *, cause disaster, bringing disaster, greater evil, so much trouble, badly, brought tragedy, be concerned, evil, You crushed, they have done what is evil, is completely devastated, evildoers, have You brought such trouble, will begrudge, was evil, the crimes they have committed, may be harmed, He shatters, difficult
râ‛a‛ raw-ah'
7921 KJV: deprived, childless, bereave, rob of children, cast young, barren, cast a calf, lost children, misc    NAS: depopulated, childless, bereave you of your children, unfruitfulness, unfruitful, bereaved of my children, bereave, bereave them of children, miscarrying, abort, miscarried, cast, made...childless, bereave you of children, been, bereave your of children, slays, bereaved your of children, bereaved, bereaved me of my children    HCS: will be childless, fail to produce fruit, unfruitfulness, those of a skilled, then I am deprived, I will bereave, of children, childless, unfruitful, of my sons, that miscarries, I am deprived of my sons, will take their children, miscarried, woman will miscarry, miscarry, I made them childless, depopulate, should I lose, of their children, of your children, takes the children
shâkôl shaw-kole'
7969 KJV: thrice + (06471), three, third, threescore and thirteen + (07657), forks + (07053), oftentimes + (06471), thirteenth + (06240), stories, thirteen + (06240)    NAS: 743, 3,200, third, 7,337, 603,550, 22,273, 300,000, 43,730, 324, 2,300, 320, twenty-third, three-tenths, three-pronged, 300, 973, 3,300, 273, 1,365, 323, 3,630, 337,500, forks, 345, 3,000, 392, 623, 223, 1,335, three, twenty-three, thirteen, 328, oftentimes, three things, 59,300, three-year-old, 153,600, thirty-three, 307,500, thirty, 13, 2,322, 123, 23,000, 64,300, 3,930, 3,023, 53,400, 3,700, thirteenth, 372, 3,600, 42,360    HCS: in three, the ground three, were three, 300,000, there will be three, one-third, twenty-third, were assigned, They took a three-day, is three, 3,300, about four pounds, sub> feet, into three, are three, 3,000, or three, The three, of three quarts, There are to be three, of, Select three, men numbered, there to be, 360, men, within three, is the third, 133, 350, 23,000, the twenty-third, of every three, stood five feet, 53,400, mdash; three, After three, in the thirteenth, the three, numbered, of six quarts, will be 450 feet, : 13, for those three, six quarts, or three times, 3,600, were, you lie down, the, just three, item, every three, with three, 300, the thirteenth, 403, of three, about eight pounds, 83, 273, 337,500, year-old, on a three-day, Three, tons, their, -- 23, three, for three, *, after, These three, He made, 13, had, the third, 3,023, 390, the three, together for three, a three-day, with a three-pronged, mdash, 3,700, was, exploits of the three, There were three
shâlôsh, shâlôsh, shelôshâh, shelôshâh (1,2) shaw-loshe', (3,4) shel-o-shaw'
8112 KJV: Shimronmeron    NAS: Shimron-meron    HCS: of Shimron-meron
shimrôn mer'ôn shim-rone' mer-one'
8246 KJV: almond    NAS: shaped like almond    HCS: shaped like almond blossoms
shâqad shaw-kad'
8478 KJV: from, in the same place, under, for, instead, as, with, flat    NAS: against, like, foot, inasmuch, stead, underparts, sites, among, replace, whereas, flat, Amid, place, right where, replaces, underneath, below, places, under, account, where they stand, return, spot, where, instead, site, beneath, why, because, allegiance, while she was mine, exchange    HCS: at the base of, in place of, undersides, my, on, and under, Under, is under, them under, will be under, in compensation for, was under, Because, were under, with, at under, it under, in place of, to, underneath, in fear beneath, stood, yourselves under, below, places, are under, instead, where, in the place of, beneath, site, while under, must be under, will succeed, herself while under, For, was on, were, Beneath, succeeds, representatives, in, stand, a place beneath, in through, at the foot of, was below, for, in exchange for, horns that took the place, by, among, a place below, them in place of, position, place, *, instead of, In return for, Instead of, Though, gone under, under, to put under, there, sit under, I will do this because, helpless under, because
tachath takh'-ath
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