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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3953 KJV: gather    NAS: glean    HCS: glean
lâqash law-kash'
3954 KJV: latter growth    NAS: spring crop    HCS: time the spring crop
leqesh leh'-kesh
3955 KJV: moisture, fresh    NAS: vitality, cakes baked    HCS: a pastry, strength
leshad lesh-ad'
3956 KJV: bay, flame, language, talkers, tongue, speaker + (0376), babbler, wedge    NAS: bay, language, charmer, slanderer, speech, tongue, bark, bar, word, languages, tongues    HCS: in a language, the Gulf, the bay, speech, *, and the tongue, a tongue, tongue, bar, accusation, the tongues, with his tongue, languages, the language, tongues, have spoken, in speech, of the tongue, bay, the tongue, language, fangs, the bar, The tongue, your tongue
lâshôn, lâshôn, leshônâh law-shone', law-shone', lesh-o-naw'
3957 KJV: chamber, parlour    NAS: chamber, chambers, room, rooms, hall    HCS: the storerooms, were chambers, there were chambers, chambers, *, the chamber, There was a chamber, room, storerooms, rooms, the banquet hall, the group of chambers, a chamber, the outer chambers, chamber, temple chambers
lishkâh lish-kaw'
3958 KJV: ligure    NAS: jacinth    HCS: a jacinth
leshem leh'-shem
3959 KJV: Leshem    NAS: Leshem    HCS: Leshem
leshem leh'-shem
3960 KJV: slander, accuse    NAS: slanders, slander    HCS: slanders, slander
lâshan law-shan'
3961 KJV: language    NAS: language, tongue    HCS: languages, language
lishshân lish-shawn'
3962 KJV: Lasha    NAS: Lasha    HCS: far as Lasha
lesha‛ leh'-shah
3963 KJV: half homer    NAS: half
lethek leh'-thek
4100 KJV: to what end, how oft, what, how, whereby, why, how long, wherein    NAS: what, which, how, anything, reason, many, whatever, if, where, how many, how often, who, why, nothing, how long    HCS:
mâh, mah, mâ, ma, meh maw, mah, maw, mah, meh
4136 KJV: against, before it + (06440), God-ward + (0430), forefront + (06440), toward, against + (06440), forefront, from, with, before    NAS: left, front, frontier, toward, opposite, before, over against    HCS: the front, facing, front, *, in front of, the left, the frontier, to, before, opposite
mûl, môl, mô'l, mûl mool, mole, mole, mool
4616 KJV: to the intent, for, that, lest, to the end, to, because of    NAS: so, account, therefore, purpose, sake, order, this reason, because, reason is so, behalf    HCS:
ma‛an mah'-an
6030 KJV: speak, witness, testify, cry, answer, hear, bear, misc, sing, give    NAS: give an account, testify, responded, bear, afflicted, bear witness, answers, get...answer, grant them their petition, brought to answer, witnessed, declare, occupy, testifies, tell, agrees to make, keeps him occupied, bears, answered, accused, continued, give him an answer, have, hailed, replied, testimony, accuse, give a answer, said, testified, brought to give, answer, spoke, answering, go, giving, respond, unanswered, bears witness    HCS: Answer, answer will be given, one answers, you going to answer, They sang, will answer, responded, who answers, They will declare, spoke up, and testifies, He would answer, You will answer, give, that I can answer, Sing, has pronounced, is I who answer, replied, argued, be answered, is the answer, The women answered, You have rescued, and answer, You are to respond, answered, they sing, and answer, accused, continued, He answers, I answered, one answered, replied, Bring charges, They reported, He calls out, asked, you continue testifying, called, said, give an answer, explained, testified, she will respond, I will respond, sings, who were answering, Answer, You listened, in response, of a cry, testify, refuted, of singing, will testify, He answered, Testify, concluded, protested, He took in the situation, sing, he answered, based on the testimony, answers, Leannoth, I asked, told, They answered, will reply, man answer, mdash; sing, I can answer, who answered, Will anyone answer, had answered, testifies, sang, would answer, He will answer, will howl, You answer, I tell, *, You have answered, I questioned, say, You replied, cry, answer, The Gibeonites answered, it accepts, response, spoke, if you respond, answering, reply, will respond, I will answer, they will sing, giving, one to answer, respond, You answered
‛ânâh aw-naw'
6440 KJV: against, of, countenance, face, from, person,, presence, before, upon, sight, toward, for, open, ...him, misc, because    NAS: presence of the before, before the in front, around, another, table, forward, along, stubborn, preceded, presence and before, faced, own, presented, face you first, request, formerly, headlong, east, gaze, old, previously, open, attended, prior, again, presence on the before, remain, outer, over, front, battle, meet, entertained, direction, face, personally, humiliation, mouth, outran, covering, anger, attention, faces, account, face before, ground, land, face to the before, ahead, length, respect, insolent, confront, accepted, against, surface, favor, facing, adjacent, led, upside, faces in the presence, aged, lifetime, whole, overlooks, withstand, kindly, down, presence, before, head, ours, awaits, toward, repulse, expected, service, receive, opposite, leading, faces toward, mind, shame, intended, appease, corresponding, countenance, partial, abroad, front line, appearance, after, partiality, defer, straight, former times, above, honorable, personal, long, disposal, respected, attend, edge, sight, tops, accept, under, defiance, attitude, across, served, honor, openly, vanguard, because, condition    HCS: The face, their face, Would you show partiality, showed partiality, that, the face, placed it over the mouth, faced, its edge, beside, earlier, same faces, open ground, of the Presence, have respect, turn His face, appear, His face, the eyes, the care, top, in front, He blindfolds, outer, front, meet, the faces, had faces, advanced, face, from, personally, show partiality, attention, faces, Presence, looks, on the front, the sight of, My face, on the face, ground, respect, the east side, fill the surface, confront, favor, against, surface, the favor, the front, facing, the ground, was that, plain view, were like the faces, expression, presence, before, head, the view, toward, the condition, are to face, The faces, makes a face, can withstand, He regards, reflects the face, his face, eyes, blade, the region, the whole world, of the front, *, countenance, looked despondent, is the focus, for the favor, their faces, look, appearance, the direction, Show favor, respected, open country, a face, sight, the presence, accept, yourselves, open field, open countryside, to face, an earlier period, that the surface, an audience, the surface, making his face, Yourself
pânı̂ym paw-neem'
7884 KJV: Shihorlibnath    NAS: Shihor-libnath    HCS: Shihor-libnath
shı̂ychôr libenâth shee-khore' lib-nawth'
8289 KJV: Lasharon, Sharon    NAS: Sharon, Lasharon    HCS: Sharon, Lasharon, of Sharon
shârôn shaw-rone'
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