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U.S. #1 in the World in…

1. Violent crime

2. Divorce

3. Teen pregnancies (industrial world)

4. Abortions

5. Illegal drug use

6. Illiteracy (industrial world)

U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that 6 of 10 women in their 30’s will have their first marriage end in divorce. The problem is charged to changing male-female roles, the massive entrance of women into the work force and social revolutions in the late 60’s.

U.S. News & World Report Poll

A March (1994) poll for U.S. News and World Report’s April 11 issue found that 93% of Americans say they believe in God or a universal spirit. Of those polled, 65% say religion is losing its influence on American life, although 62% say religion is increasing its influence in their personal lives. Other findings:

The Bible is the actual word of God to be taken literally, word for word: 34%

U.S. Students

A few years ago, a substitute teacher wrote in the Washington Post about the depressing experience he had while teaching three advanced government classes in a suburban Virginia school. He decided to poll his students on the basic question of whether the American system of government was morally superior to that of the Soviet Union? Fifty-one of the 53 high school seniors he asked—the brightest…

U.S. Supreme Court Case

February 24, 1993, in the U.S. Supreme Court. The case: Lamb’s Chapel and John Steigerwald v. Center Moriches Union Free School District. A group of Christians wanted to show a film after hours in a public facility. Apparently, religious hostility has reached the point in this nation where, because the content of that film was deemed “religious” by the State of N.Y., it posed a perceived…

UCLA Football Team

As his UCLA football team suffered through a poor season in the early 1970s, head coach Pepper Rodgers came under intense criticism and pressure from alumni and fans. Things got so bad, he remembers with a smile, that friends became hard to find. “My dog was my only true friend,” Rodgers says of that year. “I told my wife that every man needs at least two good friends—and she bought…

Ugly Man

Somerset Maughan’s mother was an extraordinarily beautiful woman married to an extraordinarily ugly man. When a family friend once asked how such a beautiful woman could have married such an ugly man, she replied, “He has never once hurt my feelings.”


I felt an uncomfortable fullness after the evening meal,” recalls Dr. Barry Marshall, “and then woke up at 5 a.m., vomiting.” During that week in 1984, the Australian physician, then a medical fellow at a hospital in Perth, was suffering for the first time from gastritis, an inflammation of the stomach often associated with peptic ulcers.

But Marshall’s discomfort was mixed…

Ultimate Librarian

Historians have related the heartwarming story of Abdul Kassem Ismael, the scholarly grand-vizier of Persia in the tenth century, and his library of 117,000 volumes. On his many travels as a warrior and statesman, he never parted with his beloved books. There were carried about by 400 camels trained to walk in alphabetical order. His camel-driver librarians could put their hands instantly on any…

Ultimate Truth

Americans today are in tragic shape when it comes to ultimate truth. George Barna in his book Absolute Confusion notes:

Most Americans reject the notion of absolute truth.

Most people believe that it does not matter what god you pray to because every deity is ultimately the same deity, shrouded in different names and attributes by humankind.

Nearly two out of three adults contend…

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