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Majority Not Always Right

In 1844 a medical doctor named Ignas Phillip Semmelweis, who was assistant director at the Vienna Maternity Hospital, suggested to the doctors that the high rate of death of patients and new babies was due to the fact that the doctors attending them were carrying infections from the diseased and dead people whom they had previously touched. Semmelweis ordered doctors to wash their hands with soap…

Majority of Men are Faithful

A large majority of men—married and single—say they wouldn’t have an affair, even if they were certain their loved one would never find out, says a Gallup poll commissioned by Self magazine, in the June (1992) issue. Of 500 men surveyed, 67% of married men and 60% of unmarried men say an affair is absolutely out of the question. Only 5% of married men and 11% of unmarried men would…

Make a Better Day

Little things make a better day:

Being grateful for another morning by being cheerful on the outside even though you might be in physical pain on the inside.

Writing a little note of encouragement, congratulations, appreciation, sympathy or condolence to someone needing a little uplift.

A visit to a sick friend-but don't stay too long.

A telephone call to a lonesome friend.

Give a gift to…

Make Church Your Starting Place

A traveler stopped in a small town and asked of the people, "What is this place noted for?" The reply from the people was, "This is a very important place. It is the starting place for any place you want to go. You can start from here and go anywhere you wish."

What is so important about this church? Your home? Your class? You can start from there and go any place you wish to be. You can go to the…

Make it Right

A lady in the north of England said that every time she got down before God to pray, five bottles of wine came up before her mind. She had taken them wrongfully one time when she was a housekeeper, and had not been able to pray since. She was advised to make restitution. “But the person is dead,” she said.

“Are not some of the heirs living?”

“Yes, a son.”


Make Life a Little Sweeter
Make Me What He Thinks I Am

A teardrop crept into my eye as I knelt on bended knee;

Next to a gold haired tiny lad whose age was just past three.

He prayed with such simplicity “Please make me big and strong,

Just like Daddy, don’t you see? Watch o’er me all night long.”

“Jesus, make me tall and brave, like my Daddy next to me.”

This simple prayer he prayed tonight filled my…

Make No Little Plans

In his autobiography, Breaking Barriers, syndicated columnist Carl Rowan tells about a teacher who greatly influenced his life. Rowan relates: Miss Thompson reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a piece of paper containing a quote attributed to Chicago architect Daniel Burnham. I listened intently as she read: “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably…

Make Sense!

It was King James I, I believe, who became annoyed with the irrelevant ramblings of his court preacher and shouted up to the pulpit: “Either make sense or come down out of that pulpit!”

The preacher replied, “I will do neither.”

Make Up Your Mind

If you don’t make up your mind, your unmade mind will unmake you. - E. Stanley Jones

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