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Default Bible Translation

Please choose the default Bible translation you want to use for searching. This will be the global default for all verse lookups which do not specify a translation. Remember, you can select another translation from the search box.


Default Translation List

Original Language Sets   (Check All)
Choose the original language resources you wish to include in the translation drop-down list.

Aramaic (AC) Hebrew (IW) Greek (EL) Latin (LA)

English Language Sets   (Check All)
Choose the English language sets you wish to include in the translation drop-down list.

Popular Versions Modern Versions Early Translations
Old Testament Only New Testament Only
English Translation of Septuagint English Translation of Peshitta

World Language Sets   (Check All)
Choose the world language sets you wish to include in the translation drop-down list.

العربية (AR) Česky (CZ) Deutsch (DE) Dansk (DK)
Ελληνικά (EL) Español (ES) Suomi (FI) Français (FR)
Filipino (RP) Magyar (HU) Hrvatski (HR) תירביע (IW)
Indonesian (ID) Italiano (IT) 한국어 (KO) Nederlands (NL)
Norsk (NO) Polska (PL) Portuguěs (PT) Romania (RO)
Русский (RU) Shqip (SQ) Afrikaans (SA) Svenska (SV)
ภาษาไทย (TH) Tiêng Viêt (VT) 汉语 (ZH)

Default Study Resources

Commentaries   (Check All)
Choose the commentaries you wish to have included in resource results.

Whole Bible Commentaries
Barne's Notes Benson's Commentary Birdgeway Bible Commentary
Bullinger's Companion
Bible Notes
Calvin's Commentary Clarke Commentary
Coffman Commentaries Coke's Commentary Commentary Critical
and Explanatory
Commentary Critical
and Explanatory - Unabridged
Constable's Expository Notes Darby's Synopsis
Dummelow's Commentary
on the Bible
Ellicott's Commentary Expositor's Dictionary
of Texts
Expositor's Bible Gaebelein's Annotated Geneva Study Bible
Gill's Exposition Grant's Commentary Gray's Commentary
The People's Bible Guzik Commentary Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary
Haydock's Catholic Commentary Henry's Complete Henry's Concise
Hole's Commentary Kretzmann's Popular
Commentary of the Bible
Lange's Commentary
on the Holy Scriptures
MacLaren's Expositions Meyer's Commentary Thru the Bible
Wells of Living Water Church Pulpit Commentary Pett's Bible Commentary
Peake's Bible Commentary Poole's Annotations Preacher's Homiletical
Pulpit Commentaries Sermon Bible Horae Homileticae
Scofield's Notes Spurgeon's Verse Expositions Chuck Smith Commentary
Candlish on 1st John Sutcliffe's Commentary Biblical Illustrator
Trapp's Commentary Treasury of Knowledge Wesley's Notes
Whedon's Commentary
Old Testament Only Commentaries
Keil & Delitzsch
New Testament Only Commentaries
Abbott's New Testament Daily Study Bible Bengel's Gnomon
Burkitt's Notes Cambridge Greek Testament Expositor's Greek Testament
Family Bible New Testament Godbey's NT Commentary Alford's Commentary
Meyer's Commentary Mahan's Commentary Morgan's Biblical Exposition
People's New Testament Robertson's Word Pictures Schaff's New Testament
The Bible Study New Testament Vincent's Studies
Gospel Only Commentaries
Golden Chain Commentary Lightfoot's Commentary Commentary on Acts
Fourfold Gospel The Gospels Compared Ryle's Exposiory Thougths
Individual Book Commentaries
A.W. Pinks's Commentary Brown's Commentary
on the Bible
Everett's Study Notes
Lapide's Commentary Candlish on 1st John Beet's Commentary
on the New Testament
Broadus on Matthew Bonar's Commentary
on Revelation
Box's Commentaries
on Selected Books
Cobb's Commentary on Philemon Dunagan Commentary Eadie's Commentary
J.C. Philpot Commentary Haldane's Commentary on Romans Gary Hampton Commentary
Hodge's Commentary Keathley on Revelation Knollys' Revelation Commentary
Ironside's Notes Jones on Mark Luther's Galatians
Mackintosh's Notes Meyer's Commentary
on Philippians
Milligan's Commentary
on Thessalonians
Owen Exposition of Hebrews A.W. Pinks's Commentary Clark on Revelation
Scott's Revelation Commentary Treasury of David Scott's Notes on the Psalms
Newell's Commentary Wallace's Revelation
Zerr's N.T. Commentary

Concordances   (Check All)
Choose the concordances you wish to have included in resource results.

Nave's Topical Bible Scofield Reference Index Thompson Chain Reference
The Topic Concordance The Treasury of
Scripture Knowledge
Torrey's New Topical

Dictionaries   (Check All)
Choose the dictionaries you wish to have included in resource results.

1910 New Catholic Dictionary A Dictionary of Early
Christian Biography
American Tract Society
Bible Dictionary
Charles Buck Theological
Baker Evangelical Dictionary
of Biblical Theology
Bridgeway Bible Dictionary
Chabad Knowledge Base CARM Theological Dictionary Easton Bible Dictionary
Fausset Bible Dictionary Hastings' Dictionary of
the New Testament
Hastings' Dictionary of
the Bible
Hawking's Poor Man's
Concordance and Dictionary
Heresies of the Church
Through the Ages
Holman Bible Dictionary
Hitchcock Bible
Names Dictionary
King James Dictionary Morrish Bible Dictionary
People's Dictionary
of the Bible
Smith Bible Dictionary Charles H. Spurgeon's
Illustration Collection
Vine's Expository Dictionary
of NT Words
Watson's Biblical &
Theological Dictionary
Webster Dictionary

Encyclopedias   (Check All)
Choose the encyclopedias you wish to have included in resource results.

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
Kitto's PopularCyclopedia
of Biblial Literature
Cyclopedia of Biblical,
Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature
The Nuttall Encyclopedia
The Catholic Encyclopedia The Jewish Encyclopedia

Lexicons   (Check All)
Choose the lexicons you wish to have included in resource results.

Aramaic Lexicon Hebrew Lexicon Greek Lexicon

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